27 Best Fallout 2 Mods you Should Try

One of the older games for which I’ve created a mod list is probably Fallout 2.

However, there is a good justification for my actions.

Due to its extremely devoted fans, the game has maintained its high degree of popularity to this day.

You’ll have a hard time choosing just one mod for this game that you like best because there are simply so many of them.

For crying out loud, there are mods that essentially alter the entire game while retaining the engine.

I’ve done my best to cater to all varieties of Fallout 2 players with this list, and I hope you can find a mod that meets your requirements.

I’ve included a tonne of various mods, ranging from straightforward game updates like adding new weapons to the database to astoundingly radical changes that completely overhaul the stock game.

Discover fresh narratives, savor fresh weaponry, and reignite your enthusiasm for this timeless game.

27. FO2 Starting Inventory

Fallout 2 Mods

This amazing mod gives you things to start the game, but it does so in a smart way because it comes with a script.

You’ll get weapons and armor based on the skills you choose at the beginning of the game. This makes everything better fit your character and how you play.

It’s a great mod that makes the game better even if you already have story mods installed.

26. Restoration Project

Install this mod first if you want to play Fallout 2 without any changes.

It will bring back everything the developers had to leave out because they didn’t have enough time to finish it.

The original game was supposed to have a lot of new quests, NPCs, and things to do, but the developers couldn’t finish them in time.

Consider this mod to be the “real” Fallout 2 game.

25. Wasteland Merc 2

You can walk around the world of Fallout 2 with a gun and a knack for getting into trouble.

With this mod, you’ll be able to play a whole new story as a mercenary whose main goal is to make as much money as possible, live on your own, and forget all the problems that came with living in a vault.

Use your gun skills and make good use of them. But don’t worry about helping anyone else.

This mod adds a cool twist to the game, and I love it so much.

24. FRM Workshop

This mod doesn’t really change the way the game works.

But it does give you a great tool that you can use to make new Fallout 2 assets.

Since Fallout 2 is based on sprites, you can use this great and surprisingly easy-to-use tool to make new animals, enemies, creatures, weapons, and much more.

You only need to be able to make sprite art or get sprites from somewhere else on the Internet. It’s easier to say than to do, but there are some assets that are already made.

This mod lets you do whatever you want.

23. Fallout 1.5 – Resurrection

This is another story mod that makes the world overhaul mean something different.

It’s a whole new game set in the same world as Fallout, but all it did was use the engine.

In the world of Fallout, you will wake up in a cave and not know who you are. Your main goal will be to find clues about your past and figure out who you used to be.

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This is a great story mod, and I really like how it’s set up, but I haven’t played it all the way through yet.

If you like things like this, you’ll like this mod.

22. MIB 88 Megamod

Okay, so this mod could have been first on my list, but I don’t think that would have been fair since it’s just a bunch of other mods put together.

The thing is, this mod gives you all of the best Fallout 2 mods in one pack, so you can make a huge difference in the game with just one click.

If you really like the original Fallout 2 and want your game to feel new, this is the best mod I can suggest to you.

It has so many different parts that it will feel like a whole new game. Definitely worth a shot. You can always remove it if you don’t like it.

21. Francis Dialogue Edit

This mod just makes Francis’s conversations with the player make more sense and fit better with the story.

It’s a small addition, and people who have played Fallout 2 before will know what I mean.

I know that players had a lot of good things to say about this mod, so I’m adding it to the list for series veterans.

20. FO2 Cheat Chest

I have to say that I thought it was funny that this mod was one of the most downloaded ones ever for Fallout 2.

Cheaters, people never really change.

FO2 Cheat Chest is a mod that basically adds a chest with a lot of overpowered items. You can get these items early on in the game and use them to completely break the game and do anything you want.

A real treasure chest.

But it’s high on my list because it’s useful for many things, even if cheating is the main one. It’s especially good for younger players who just want to play the game without too much trouble.

19. Rusted SMG

This is a very simple mod that I put on the list because I think it looks really cool.

It’s just a rusted version of the original Fallout SMG, which makes it look like the gun has been used a lot and gotten old.

This is how some weapons are supposed to look in Fallout, and the fact that this one gets it right puts it at number 11 on my list.

I also wanted some variety when it came to rewriting stories, so this is a welcome change.

18. Fallout: Between Good and Evil

“Heavy development” is said to be going on with this mod, but the last update was in 2010.

I think someone got tired of modding and gave up on it, which is a real shame. But Fallout 2 is almost 20 years old, so can we really blame him?

Between Good and Evil is a great update for Fallout that tries to keep the game’s original feel while adding new cities, parts of the map, stories, and many quests.

Even though it says it’s in development, I’d still say you can play this game.

17. Vintage Firearms

The person who made this mod made sure to replace a lot of the basic weapons that come with the base game and add a lot of great old weapons to make the game world feel more like our world.

But, of course, even more so in a post-apocalyptic shape.

Prepare to fight the monsters of the Wasteland with guns from World War I.

16. Awakened

This mod’s description is one of the strangest I’ve ever read. The mod itself is great, but the description needs a lot of work.

It gets you ready for an adventure in a world where there has been a nuclear war recently.

You wake up in the middle of nowhere. When you leave the shelter, you hope to get to a different city.

The problem is that you have no idea who you are or what you did before and after the war.

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Fun stuff Right?

This amazing mod takes you on a whole new adventure that will change the way you look at Fallout 2.

15. The Tangut Prophecy

Okay, I’ll be honest with you.

Before I started noticing these amazing works, I had no idea that the Fallout 2 community was so into mods.

I was entirely unprepared for The Tangut Prophecy, which drastically changes the plot of Fallout 2 and transforms it into a separate game.

It literally only retains the base engine, after all.

Now that the game is set in the XIIth century, you will have to discover a completely new plot with a tonne of brand-new characters and even more skill-intensive challenges.

If you haven’t played any mods before, you’re in for one of the biggest treats of your gaming career with this vast overhaul of Fallout 2 you know.

And this list is only the beginning!

14. Mutants Rising

Ah, you reside in a tranquil area of Nevada.

You must agree that doesn’t sound very much like Fallout.

It isn’t!

Your days are now spent in the deepest peace possible.

However, the neighborhood is completely blocked off since there are zombies everywhere.

But hey, that’s only a minor point that we could have easily overlooked.

You play a mystery person who is well-known to everyone in the neighborhood in Mutants Rising.

One of the best story mods I’ve ever seen, it completely revamps the Fallout 2 story.

When it comes to stories, these older games gave players a lot of leeways, and I adore these modifications.

13. Survivor

Bug patches, new dialogue options, and gameplay adjustments.

Survivor is a Fallout 2 mod that preserves the core gameplay and narrative of the original game while also giving you a tonne of fresh little tweaks and additions that will keep you entertained for days.

Definitely worth a look if you’re into this kind of gaming.

12. FOnline 3

Okay, this is completely ridiculous.

I’m sorry, but words can’t adequately express this.

I am aware of how far video games have come, and how simple it is to modify a game like Fallout 2 on today’s PCs.

However, holy hell, it takes some darn devotion to completely remake a previous Fallout game for Fallout Online.

Try out FOnline 3 if you want to be impressed and play with others.

To refer to this as a mod is unfair.

On the Fallout 2 engine, it’s essentially a whole online game.


11. Waking up

Even though this mod is incredible, the description might use a lot of improvement. It’s one of the strangest I’ve ever read.

It prepares you for an adventure in a world that has recently experienced a nuclear war in a post-apocalyptic setting.

You awaken in the midst of nowhere, wanting to leave the shelter and travel to another city.

The issue is that you can’t recall who you are or what you were doing before the start or end of the battle.

This incredible mod takes you on an entirely new journey that will change the way you perceive Fallout 2.

10. Lands of Mordor in Fallout 2

The mod Lands of Mordor is not for individuals who enjoy playing stealthy games.

In fact, it’s among the most thorough overhauls of Fallout 2 I’ve seen.

Numerous threats that must be overcome with force will come your way.

You won’t succeed if you try to play passively.

Your enemies simply have too many power-ups, so you’ll need to figure out how to get past them.

This is also a fun factor.

This has nothing to do with The Lord of the Rings, just a little side comment.

Friends, I felt disappointed as well.

However, it’s still an excellent mod!

9. Antique Weapons

To make the game world feel more like our world, the mod’s designer made sure to change many of the basic guns that come with the standard game and include a tonne of amazing ancient weaponry.

However, more so in a form that is genuinely post-apocalyptic.

With the same weapons that were employed in World War One, get ready to battle the creatures of the wastes.

8. Shattered Destiny

Fallout 2’s story is altered by this mod, however, it really just affects how the tale is played.

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The story itself is new, after all.

But Fallout’s world still governs everything.

The game takes a different approach and presents you with new threats, you won’t be undertaking any of the vault-dwelling you did in the first game.

You’re just a regular guy this time.

Deal with the end of the world.

Between Good and Evil, Fallout

This mod is alleged “heavily under development,” yet the most recent update was released in 2010.

It’s a real tragedy, but I get the impression that someone got tired of modifying it and abandoned it.

But can we blame him given that Fallout 2 is over two decades old?

Fallout’s excellent remake, Between Good and Evil, promises to maintain the game’s core elements while also introducing new cities, areas of the globe, stories, and quests.

The game is playable even though it says it’s still under development.

7. sFall

There are some performance and compatibility patches that must be implemented for Fallout 2 in order for modding to start working properly.

Fortunately, you just need one mod, unlike all of Bethesda’s Fallout games.

The majority of the game’s difficulties disappear if you download sFall.

There are patches for the engines that lead to crashes and, more crucially, compatibility with contemporary operating systems.

The increased capabilities for modders allow for the creation of some pretty ambitious mods by others without affecting the menu resolution.

6. SCAR (Skilldex Colour Aesthetic Redux)

For anyone who is sick of staring at the fairly unappealing Skilldex art in the original Fallout 2 game, SCAR is an excellent mod to have.

It sounds quite little but actually contributes greatly to enhancing the game’s current presentation.

Playing through Fallout 2 becomes much less annoying owing to the archaic aesthetics of the game by removing the monochromatic imagery of the default Skilldex.

5. Minor Graphics Overhaul (MGO)

For those who don’t want to be put off by the dated graphics of this otherwise excellent game, having a Fallout 2 graphics mod is pretty much a need.

The Minor Graphics Overhaul mod, which softens the game’s often grim art style to make it look a little more contemporary and tolerable over time, is one such mod that should be downloaded to revamp the experience.

4. Standard Crafting Panel (SCP)

The Standard Crafting Panel mod for Fallout 2 accomplishes what it sets out to do, it adds fundamental crafting components to the game.

It may be the easiest mod to discuss on our list.

The game has also received a ton of new resources that can be utilized at crafting stations to make a ton of new things that will help the Chosen One on their quest.

3. Basic Needs Modification

PANDA or Personal All Needs Data Analyzer is the ideal hack for gamers who wanted Fallout 2 to feel more like The Sims.

This mod transforms Fallout 2 into a light survival game by introducing a ton of requirements like hunger and thirst, enhancing the immersion of this fantastic game.

2. Gangster Armor from Fallout 2.

Although it may seem like a pipe dream, Fallout 2 fans who wish to experience this for themselves can do so with the Gangster Armor mod.

This mod allows players to wear really cool-looking gangster armor while exploring a post-nuclear wasteland.

To obtain this armor and live out your ambitions of playing a mobster in a post-apocalyptic setting, you must travel to New Reno.

1. High-Resolution Patch for Fallout 2

Fallout 2 has definitely aged with some terrible graphics and a few strange-looking sprites.

However, retexture mods are available to correct this.

This is exactly what the High-Resolution patch achieves, enhancing the visual integrity of practically every aspect of Fallout 2.

Enemies, settings, and all of the game’s characters have fresh paint jobs to make destroying them even more fun.

The incredible benefits of the game are unaffected, but practically everything else has undergone positive changes.