16 Biggest Settlements in Fallout 4

The best Fallout 4 Biggest Settlements aren’t simply locations to stay alive; they’re also places where you can display your mechanical prowess, unrestrained imagination, and audacity to build some of the game’s most daring outposts.

As a challenge to all the monsters, synths, and bandits of the Commonwealth, the best members of the community have created sophisticated, complicated villages that say, “Do your worst, I have the ultimate super-base.”

Or in certain instances, a real AT-AT from the Star Wars movies.

We’ve chosen some of the top Fallout 4 villages for your review in light of this. Be motivated by what they accomplished!

Though it might take some time, you might even want to reproduce them in your own Commonwealth.

16. Spectacle Island Pier

Biggest Settlements

Spectacle Island is one of the most adaptable places available because it has the largest building area and, allegedly, the highest built limit in the entire game.

Exonar(opens in new tab) has built a seashore shanty hamlet equipped with a nostalgic, possibly hazardous, high-rad pier instead of going upwards.

One of the more difficult towns to unlock is Spectacle Island (and if you think the explanation is a spoiler, stop reading now).

Traveling to a sunken ship requires you to flip a switch, after which you must either fight a horde of Mirelurks (including a Queen and potentially a Legendary Deep King) or race to a radio tower and activate a pulse to frighten them away. But it’s worthwhile.

15. Jamaica Plain Market

Sometimes, you just want a bit of Old World charm. Instead of being a haphazard group of shacks clustered around a large phallic sign constructed of light panels as everyone else makes, it is a community that has been carefully planned.

Those light bulb strings, which give the entire area a festive atmosphere, are for me this place’s greatest achievement.

The designer concurred, claiming that it took almost three hours to put each set of four wires’ worth of bulbs correctly. So, I won’t be doing that.

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14. Red Rocket Bar and Grill

Some of my favorites builds come from players who have just committed to an idea rather than attempting to maximize profits.

Time for Stories(opens in new tab) saw a cozy restaurant where I saw a floating impossi-town and turned the early game gas station into a genuinely welcoming place.

I appreciate the attention to detail in the al fresco and indoor dining places, the use of Mutfruit plants to create a garden-like atmosphere, and the statue on the staircase.

If I hadn’t known that it sold Bloatfly Tartare and that the staff members would accidentally drop their arms into my sandwich, I might have eaten there.

13. Hanger for Power Armor

Thanatos, another person I like to refer to as “People Who Had My Idea But Way Better,” also thought the Red Rocket roof would make a great place to store power armor.

However, whereas they constructed a massive, multi-level showroom with room for 58 different outfits, I constructed a sort of pokey bunker.

The amount of attention that went into this, from the circular metal pieces that give each station a sense of an escape pod to the toolboxes next to each one that allows you to store damaged parts, is kind of awful. I’m simply burning down my settlement, so please come back.

12. The comic book shop

It is only fitting that RockKincaid honors the rags of yore with a fitting resting place because they went to the trouble of locating each and every stat-boosting comic book in the game.

I like how the store organizes each magazine by title in a true nerd manner.

The Silver Shroud and Grognak costumes are also on exhibit, and there is a section of pop culture artifacts with bobblehead storage, making it the new hotspot for ponytail wearers and thieves.

11. Nordhagen Beach

Nordhagen Beach is a modestly sized coastal community. On the map, it is located in the East.

The terrain is also rather flat, so the building is lovely and simple.

It comes with just one little building, but there is plenty of potentials to create more.

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It is accessible through a Minuteman quest.

10. Graygarden

This village is peculiar since it has its own robots. It includes a sizable greenhouse that yields an abundance of food, ideal for your supply network.

It is close to an overpass and slightly to the northwest of Diamond City.

You can get it by finishing a quest that one of the “Supervisor” robots gave you or by simply killing every robot there in cold blood (oil).

The layout is excellent because it enables you to construct defenses that run all the way up to the overpass column.

9. Somerville Place

When you find Somerville Place, it’s ready to go. It is a modestly sized community with a farm and a building for shelter.

There is plenty of room to add defenses or enlarge the existing structure. You can access it by finishing a mission Preston Garvey gave you.

It’s another settlement.

8. Kingsport Lighthouse

This enormously impressive village has a lighthouse, a port with a ship, and a sizable mansion.

This town is amazing since it has a lot of resources to scrap, a big territory, and excellent defense points.

It can be found next to Coastal Cottage in the northeast corner of the map.

When you attempt to seize it, expect a fight since Children of the Atom members will fiercely defend it.

7. Warwick Homestead

Warwick Homestead can be acquired in one of two ways: by completing a minuteman mission or by going through the institute.

It’s a wonderful settlement with lots of room for construction.

It offers a secure, comfortable indoor environment that is perfect for living in.

A small, outpost-like structure with a sizable cylinder is included in the exterior space.

On the map, it is located in the southeast corner.

6. Abernathy Farm

One of the first places you’ll run into is Abernathy Farm, which is a pre-built community built around a power pole.

There’s plenty of room to grow even though you don’t need to do much with it. It’s quite simple to get there and is basically just south of Sanctuary.

Preston Garvey gives you a quest that must be completed in order to unlock it.

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5. The Castle

The minutemen’s administrative center is located in this pentagon-shaped hamlet, one of the largest in the game.

The Castle is quite spectacular, with a sizable courtyard, a lot of rooms, a web of tunnels, and a sizable armory.

This fortress, which you may get through the Minuteman questline, is simple to defend and a great HQ to start with if you’re new to the game.

4. Sanctuary

Sanctuary is substantially larger than any other settlement on the list preceding it when you start here after exiting the first vault.

It comes with a ton of supplies, allowing you to begin going right away and then grow and expand.

It is surrounded by low-level adversaries and is situated at the north-westernmost part of the map, making it easy to defend even without physical barriers.

3. The Taffington Boathouse

An oasis of maritime appeal in the desert is the charmingly titled Taffington Boathouse by digigur.

It has a yacht and a sizable houseboat that is reminiscent of a paddle steamer that is a part farm and part riverfront boardwalk.

Despite the potential for raider raids, Taffington’s charming wooden cabins look like something you’d book for a relaxing summer vacation.

2. Flying a Flag

The light pads require an unfathomably vast amount of power, in addition to some very particular resources, and even then, you must connect to terminals in order for them to function as you like.

What I’m trying to say is that it takes a lot of extremely painstaking labor to create something like 4chan r9k’s tribute to the land of the free.

So, congratulations. Nice treehouse in the distance as well.

1. In the Dog House

How self-centered are we when we consider the best ways to reach agreements for our personal benefit?

Why haven’t I taken Hookatore’s example, who I know is dedicated to making the world a better place for all of the nicest individuals in the Commonwealth?

As they put all of their efforts into giving the small guy a home for his house, I left Dogmeat outside in the rain at the Sanctuary (which looks better appointed than my actual bedroom, by the way).

My absolute favorite of the bunch is this.