17 Best Armor Sets in Fallout 4

Fallout 4’s world is hostile and hazardous. You should expect to be afraid of whatever lurks in the distance.

You won’t enjoy it at all if a crazed mutant jumps on you, I assure you.

In the universe of Fallout 4, there is no finer feeling than that of security.

Fortunately, you may obtain this confidence by donning some of the Best Armor Sets the game has to offer.

I’ve compiled a list of Fallout 4’s top armor along with information on its advantages, drawbacks, and finest features.

Simply decide which armor set appeals to you the most, then get ready to strike!

The most crucial thing to realize is that your set must adapt to your demands; it won’t always be the greatest armor on the list, so pick the armor that suits you best.

This is true whether you want a rare set or a common set.

17. Heavy Armor Operators

Best Armor Sets Fallout 4

This armor set, which is only accessible through the Nuka World DLC pack, comes with a strong set of defensive stats and provides good defense against energy and ballistic damage.

They can be stolen from the bodies of opponents posing a threat to the player or purchased from nearby vendors.

This armor set’s lack of aesthetic appeal is its one drawback.

It won’t win any awards for being stylish or trendy, but in the heart of the wasteland, this is at most a secondary concern.

Damage negation is important, and the armor provides a stat of 127 in that area, along with an additional 127 for energy resistance.

16. Armed Forces Uniform and Fedora

A player can increase several clothing items’ defensive stats after joining the covert Railroad organization and completing a few missions for it.

Fallout 4 allows players to wear costumes, jumpsuits, and other fashion categories behind more traditional armor, effectively allowing them to wear two sets at once.

Army fatigues and a fedora are the best pieces of clothing to boost the ballistic weave skill because they add one point each to a player’s strength, agility, and luck.

Up until the late-game challenges in Fallout 4, a player may practically become a walking tank by donning upgraded army fatigues and a fedora underneath more traditional gear.

15. Mechanist’s Protection

The Mechanist’s armor is unquestionably one of the game’s funniest and quirkiest armor sets; it combines the illogical and strange design aesthetic of the Cybermen from Doctor Who with 1950s sci-fi robot designs.

The armor is not, by any means, the worst set in the game and can be obtained after finishing the Automatron DLC.

The whole set provides +1 to intellect, charisma, and endurance, +85 damage and energy resistance, and an additional 15% damage reduction from robot opponents.

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It’s rather sturdy when it comes to a good, old-fashioned firefight and is guaranteed to get attention, if not for the wrong reasons.

14. Invincible Armor

Players must find The Scribe, an NPC who randomly appears around the game, to obtain this extremely rare and useful armor set.

The Scribe can be persuaded to join the player if the player has strong enough communication skills and a settlement with at least ten people.

The Scribe will open an armor shop there after accepting the player’s orders to stay in that settlement.

The Apocalypse Armor chest piece, the first item of the armor set, will thereafter be made available to the player by the Scribe.

The Vault Tech ghoul can then be hired in the same way by visiting Hotel Rexford in Goodneighbor, where his vendor shop will also sell the Apocalypse left greave.

Although it doesn’t seem like much, the damage resistance is excellent, and it also has two uncommon properties not found in other armors.

First, when players take more damage, time will slow down for them as their damage resistance increases.

13. Two Falling Legs

Since the freefall legs are a single piece of leg armor in Fallout 4, they are special. Even so, it compensates for its short reach by having one of the finest game-wide impacts.

Any fall damage that a player would typically sustain when jumping from high areas is fully eliminated when wearing the freefall legs.

As a result, a player can now entirely disregard a significant environmental threat, making exploration of the wasteland far more enjoyable and practical.

A player must visit the Mass Fusion building while wearing power armor and a jetpack to find this armor set. It could lessen the immersion a little, but it’s still a useful suit of armor to have.

12. Leather Protection

Although it might not seem like one of the more defensive sets, the Leather Armor offers a lot of energy resistance.

It is a situational sort of armor that is quite helpful when you are up against opponents who use energy attacks.

Players that care about their appearance will be pleased to learn that the Leather Armor offers a stylish design and is also simple to make and feels wonderful.

11. The DC Guard Suit

Despite residing on a former baseball field, the residents of Fallout 4’s Diamond City haven’t figured out how the game was truly played.

They think that while wearing catcher’s gear, players fought each other with bats, and it’s possible that this misunderstanding is what caused the city’s security patrol to make the old clothing their official uniform.

Although the DC Guard Armor isn’t the best, it’s not that awful in the early game, and the full set can be readily stolen from a Diamond City guard who isn’t paying attention.

10. Armor in combat

The Combat Armor is an all-arounder that offers defense on all fronts. You will have both standard damage resistance and energy resistance.

The goal of this armor is to resemble the U.S. Marines’ uniforms. The American military also wore this set of armor before the start of the conflict.

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One of the best sets of armor in post-war America has evolved from it. There are heavy, standard, and strong versions of this armor.

It can be discovered in a variety of places around Fallout 4’s universe. Absalom, a random encounter character that can be killed to gain this gear, is the wearer of it.

9. Synthetic armor

By eliminating synth warriors, one can find the Synth Combat Armor.

The costume is available in three different variation types: heavy, regular, and sturdy.

It is not difficult to obtain and provides excellent protection. Even at the highest gaming level, it is one of the best sets of armor in the game.

8. Grognak costume

The popular comic book character Grognak the Barbarian existed before the war, as those who are familiar with the Fallout 4 universe may know.

Before expanding into video games and movies, Grognak was only seen in comic books. On the racks of Hubris Comics’ comic book store, you can locate his costume.

When used with melee weapons, this set offers 20% more damage modifiers in addition to two additional strength points.

7. Costume for Silver Shroud

Due to its bonuses, the Silver Shroud Costume, a light set of clothes, ranks highly on this list. The set has the following advantages:

Agility plus

+1 Sensibility

15% less damage from humans (armor)

By finishing the Silver Shroud quest, you can get this gear. As long as Kent Connolly lives after the upgrade, it can be upgraded!

6. Space Suit, Nuka-Girl

The stylish armor components in Fallout 4 are among its best features because they not only increase damage resistance but also the overall appearance.

The Nuka-Girl Space Suit tops the list of the greatest female armor in Fallout 4 when it comes to overall quality.

This armor improves the character’s appearance overall, making it one of Fallout 4’s best-looking pieces of armor.

Nevertheless, this costume is part of the Nuka-World DLC. To obtain the armor, you might need to buy the DLC or Season Pass.

Additionally, the Damage Resistance value of 5 provided by the Nuka-Girl Space Suit is not optimal for taking significant damage.

However, the energy resistance and radiation resistance, which have values of 45 and 35, respectively, make up for the DR that this armor lacks.

Additionally, the armor has the unique ability to breathe underwater and an additional perk value of Charisma +1.

The Nuka-Girl Space Suit is a special set of armor that is unlike any other. Because of this, players won’t be able to combine it with other armor components.

5. T-60 Power Armor 5.

Before the wall erupted, the T-60 Power Armor was slated to replace all other armor in the U.S. military. The design of the armor was never finished before the explosives detonated.

Although the Brotherhood of Steel East Coast Chapter, which controlled the most sets and weapons both before and after the conflict, did not release many finished sets, other army leaders did.

It can be repeatedly improved, but even in its base form, with over 1000 points of radiation protection and approximately 1000 points of ordinary damage resistance, it has terrifying stats.

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The Brotherhood of Steel members you run across can be found wearing this armor, but how you get it is all up to you!

4. Military assault gear

Marine Attack One of the most recent varieties of armor created by humans before the war started was armor. The Church of the Children of the Atom now uses it in the setting of Fallout 4.

It possesses defensive qualities, like a piece of protective clothing, that are only comparable to the best power armor in the game.

It is available in Far Harbor from a variety of retailers. To obtain this set, you will need the DLC.

Remember that if you want to obtain the complete version, you will need to finish the majority of the main quest line.

3. Ballistic Weave Armor

Ballistic Weave has a place on this list even though it isn’t a particular kind of armor. An armor mod called Ballistic Weave enables the addition of various benefits to various articles of clothing.

By dressing appropriately, you can add additional bonuses and buffs to an already potent piece of armor.

You’ll need to learn from Tinker Tom how to use Ballistic Weave, but once you do, you’ll be able to put together some seriously strong outfits.

Your entire resistance is ensured by this super armor, making you invincible.

2. A set of the Destroyer’s armor

Several merchants may be found around Fallout 4’s environment where you can purchase the Destroyer’s Armor set. Remember that each vendor only offers one component of this set for sale.

It will take a lot of traveling on your part to find it, but it will be worthwhile! This set is perfect to wear with Ballistic Weave Armor to maximize its effects because each piece boosts your stats freshly and uniquely.

Although the level of personal defense this set offers is not as high, the quantity of bonuses it offers makes it worthwhile! You’ll gain the following benefits with this set:

15% less damage from humans

10% faster movement

10% faster movement

Intelligence +1 and charisma +1

15% reduction in damage when blocking or running

1. X-01 Power Armor

Many people agree that the X-01 Power Armor is the best in the game.

Its massive weight may make it difficult for you to maneuver, but it can withstand a variety of strikes with enough strength.

Except for energy, this powerful armor offers more than 1000 points of defense in each of its attributes instead of just under 800 in energy.

In any event, this armor is the greatest in Fallout 4’s desolate landscape. It was constructed a few months before the conflict began, making it one of the newest weapons developed by mankind before the “end of the world.”

This armor can be upgraded multiple times, increasing its defense in all categories. It will, however, cost you dearly.

The best location to purchase this armor is the Fort Hagen hangar. However, you must first pass through the fort’s security!