31 Best GTA 4 Mods of All Time

Many of us still enjoy firing up the original Grand Theft Auto IV to take a stroll around as Niko Bellic, despite GTA5’s enormous popularity.

Yes, the game has been available for more than ten years.

But the ingenuity that Rockstar and their team put into the game still comes through, especially with a few mods.

Mods can be used to change the game altogether or add new cars, weapons, and other features.

Another option is to use a jetpack to fly, and hold off until you learn about the shark gun.

It can be tedious to search through hundreds of mods online.

Fortunately, it’s my responsibility to organize the best-of-the-best GTA 4 Mods to save you time, and I take that responsibility very seriously.

31. Better Car Handling

GTA 4 Mods

You’ll likely be accustomed to how awkward some of the game’s vehicles can be if you’ve played GTA IV as much as I have.

By no means a complete makeover, roy200013’s Better Car Handling mod “decreases the’slidey-ness’ of all cars” does make one notable modification.

30. Zombie Apocalypse

No list of the “greatest modifications” would be complete without at least one zombie-related mod.

Especially when it comes to a masterpiece open-world sandbox game from Rockstar.

Jc0001’s mod with the same name performs exactly what you’d expect.

Now that everyone is a zombie, Niko Bellic must eliminate as many zombies as he can in order to put a stop to the menace posed by the undead.

It’s the perfect mod to have whether you want to experiment with new weaponry or just want to kill aimlessly during the early morning hours.

29. Grand Theft Auto IV Beta Mod

Old Nintendo game leaks have been widespread.

And it made me consider the numerous hours of deleted content tucked away in titles like GTA IV.

By reintroducing a lot of the deleted content from GTA IV’s code, this beta mod by SlayerMaggot quells my hunger as a game archaeologist.

New taxis, weapon icons, alternate versions of vehicles like the Esperanto and the Faustin, as well as an earlier Niko Bellic skin, are all included in this.

Modders had to rebuild and even finish some of it.

However, it never ceases to amaze me how much effort developers put into projects that are never released.

Well, I suppose it’s here now for us to enjoy it, but yes.

28. GTA IV – Shark-O-Matic gun mod

Saints Row has always been GTA’s major rival, adding a lot more zaniness and absurdity to the open-world urban sandbox.

With JulioNIB’s Shark-o-Matic Gun mod, Liberty City can now experience some of that funny lunacy.

If you shoot someone with this gun, a shark will burst through the asphalt and devour them, leaving nothing but the crater in its wake.

It appears twice as humorous in GTA IV than it did in Saints Row: The Third, for whatever reason.

27. GTA IV Bicycle script mod

Developers frequently forget to integrate minor gameplay components or little nuances like dynamic bicycle motions in their rush to meet release timeframes.

For some fans, their absence from GTA IV was somewhat shocking given that they were present in GTA: San Andreas.

It feels just like it did in San Andreas when riding a bicycle in GTA IV, thanks to modder JulioNIB and his Bicycle script.

Even the stupid animation of a bicycle starting up is possible!

Sometimes handling may feel strange.

However, those who are accustomed to the bicycle gameplay in San Andreas must have this.

26. JetPack  Mod

What does a Jetpack have in common with something as basic as a bicycle?

For any open-world game, a working jetpack mod is a need.

This one has two practical miniguns that you can use to pelt your foes with lead from the skies because it was inspired by the wonderful film Kick-Ass.

For dramatic enhanced shootouts, you can also produce bodyguards or foes with jetpacks.

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These might also naturally occur if you ever come up against a SWAT unit while being highly Wanted.

You must first complete the Kill Frenzy at the Airport in order to unlock it. But it shouldn’t be too difficult.

25. Autobody shop Liberty City Customs

The ability to customize your car is one of the many great improvements GTA5 added to the Grand Theft Auto formula.

NatT96Report, a modder, has added this capability to GTA IV.

The Liberty City Customs Autobody Shop can be found near the map’s center after installing this mod.

There, you can make some crucial adjustments to the majority of the stock automobiles.

Nothing spectacular about it. But even a small enhancement like this can increase the game’s sense of immersion.

24. Basic Trainer

A capable trainer who would allow them to deviate from the game’s regulations as a developer would during testing is something that can’t be missed from a mod user’s roster.

This Simple Trainer, created by Sjaak327, provides all the fundamentals you’d anticipate from such a program.

Its features include teleportation, object spawning, a very basic speedometer, and the ability to spawn vehicles.

Having this will make your life much easier if you plan to experiment with mods and custom stuff, such as cars and weaponry.

23. Snow Mod

When snow blankets the city in the winter, it gives the city its best appearance, standing in stark contrast to the city’s dusty sidewalks and ceilings.

The Snow Mod, created by modder Jumbo0, recreates this enchanted effect in GTA IV, transforming the virtual sandbox into a winter wonderland.

In other words, you’ll give Liberty City a significant snow day.

Snow is present everywhere, including on roofs, windowsills, highways, and trees. You can even pick it up and fling it at NPCs.

It’s fantastic for some wintertime entertainment or just to change the ambiance in GTA IV.

22. Extremely Low-End PC and GTA IV

These days, it’s improbable that GTA IV, a 12-year-old game, will run slowly on your PC.

Nevertheless, I’m motivated to help because I know for a fact that some folks are having trouble with toasters running Windows XP.

This amazing mod by Cody5699 aims to make the game significantly lighter by turning off a number of graphical features, including explosion effects, car effects, particles, and pretty much everything else you don’t specifically need to progress.

Certainly, the hues are faded. Additionally, you are only able to see a few meters ahead.

Still, it’s better than being unable to play at all!

21. Dual Welding Technique

Dual-wielding military-grade weaponry is something that fits Niko Bellic’s past as a combat veteran and sporadic criminal.

The Dual Wielding Style mod, created by JulioNIB, enables Niko to hold and fire two firearms simultaneously with animations that appear quite realistic.

Shotguns, handguns, SMGs, and anything smaller than a sniper rifle fall under this category.

Additionally, it has a “headshot” function that is optional and enables you to view all headshot kills in a zoomed-in, slow-motion view, much like in Sniper Elite (minus the X-RAYs).

20. GTA V HQ Weapons Pack

Have you ever thought that you don’t have enough weapons in Grand Theft Auto IV?

Get this HQ GTA V Weapon Pack if so.

It places a truckload of weapons from the GTA 5 world in the fierce hands of Niko Bellic.

Some of the excellent weapons in this collection include the Assault Rifle, Carbine Rifle, Double Barrel Shotgun, and Micro SMG.

They will give you the upper hand over your adversaries in Liberty City because they are theoretically from the future.

If you enjoy these, the mod will continue to offer more.

19. Ultra HD graphics in 4K

The 4K Ultra HD Graphics patch is one of the few things that will give your GTA IV screenshots a photorealistic appearance.

While it does apply a unique ENB preset, the majority of what this mod does is swap out the game’s textures for 4K ones that are incredibly detailed.

The outcome?

Spaces that initially seem real but gradually veer into the uncanny valley as you detail them.

The fact that this mod can be incredibly taxing on some computers is the only thing keeping me from giving it a better grade.

Only a powerful PC that can handle it will make the performance expense of the graphical update worthwhile.

18. Spiderman IV – GTA IV mod

We had to get by with what we had before Marvel’s Spider-Man.

The Spiderman IV mod by JulioNIB is among the best ways to experience life as the helpful neighborhood Spider-Man.

It allows you to swing across a fictitious version of Manhattan as Spider-Man and features very well-done animations.

You’ll even get a Spider-Sense that will alert you to risks in the area, such as shootouts between gangs and the police.

If you enjoy this mod, you should look to get Marvel’s Spider-Man as soon as you can. Too fantastic to miss that game. One of the best Spider-Man video games ever created, in my opinion.

17. Death Race IV

The idea for this amazing mod was perhaps the best thing to come out of Paul W.S. Anderson’s 2008 Death Race movie.

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Heavy-armored and weaponized vehicles are among the features that Death Race IV adds to GTA IV based on the movie.

You may even invent races in and around Liberty City.

Early on in the project’s development, modders learned how many custom objects they would need to create to finish it, which put an immediate end to the effort.

Having said that, what they had already produced is still sufficient to keep you amused for a sizable amount of time.

16. San Andreas in GTA IV

GTA IV: San Andreas, a fantastic mod that attempted to convert the entirety of San Andreas into GTA IV’s RAGE engine, was also abandoned before it could gain traction.

The Niko Bellic voice clips are still present, but creator Blaster nl was able to port the entire area, various vehicles, weapons, and even the main character from San Andreas.

There is even a Snow Edition that gives San Andreas a snowy white appearance.

It is functional despite being unfinished.

And the accomplishments are still worth examining.

15. Ultimate Textures

The roads need to be improved as one of the top priorities if you want a more realistic and appealing GTA experience.

You’ll spend a lot of time either driving over them or running over them.

The Realizm IV Team’s Ultimate Textures patch replaces a number of textures across Liberty City, but the asphalt and road textures, which have been improved the most, are the most finely detailed.

14. ‘Selfie Mod’

You’ll need a way to record it if you’re spending so much time making your game look beautiful.

Even though standard snapshots are effective, nothing is quite as immersive as the unexpectedly enjoyable practice of snapping in-game selfies.

Thanks to modder JulioNIB, you can do this in GTA IV right now.

This selfie camera does not have an in-game gallery like GTA V does.

However, they’ll be saved to a folder on your computer so you may easily access them later.

Don’t be scared to give it a try; it even works in a few unexpected settings, like autos.

13. Fresh Weapons

Even if there is little functional difference between vast arrays of intricately crafted weaponry, gamers have grown accustomed to them over time.

Adding new weapons is an excellent approach to raise GTA IV’s “fun factor” and give it a more contemporary feel.

Where do we start? Through mods like Quechus13’s New Weapons, for instance.

More assault rifles, SMGs, grenade launchers, and even shotguns with new attachments are now available to you.

You can even use a brand-new, sparkling bat to smash some heads in with style.

Don’t even start me on the FN P90, please.

12. Weapons from Grim

Grim’s Weapon Pack, on the other hand, is something you should acquire if you really want to bolster your weaponry to the point where you never have to worry about it again.

This amazing collection of weapons was created initially for San Andreas and subsequently enhanced for usage in GTA IV.

The modified HUD symbols and unique attachments, such the flashlight for the MP5A4, give these guns a professional feel despite the fact that all of the models are of excellent quality and great aesthetic appeal.

11. First Response LCPD

When you’re one of the most notorious crooks in the area, it’s difficult to avoid running into the Liberty City Police Department.

Avoiding the police won’t be much simpler thanks to this update.

But adding a realistic arrest system will greatly increase its interest.

In order for the authorities to send any forces after you, you must now be reported and identified.

While using this mod, you’ll notice the police making arrests and the like much more frequently throughout the city, giving the impression that Liberty City is a little more vibrant and alive.

10. Environment Mod for GTA

The GTA Environment Mod, designed by Kriller2, is one of the most well-known mods to enhance the appearance of the game.

The emphasis is on adding more natural lighting and improving the game’s atmosphere.

Each weather condition was carefully adjusted one at a time to accommodate more accurate shadow calculations and advanced reflecting surfaces.

Additionally, all water reflections are enhanced.

What about this mod do I like the most?

When I look up into the sky, I see stunning HD cloud textures staring back at me.

9. The Best Graphics Mod

To maximize your game’s visual attractiveness, the Environment Mod is advised to pair with modder Bartekxyz’s Ultimate Graphic Tweak.

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This amazing hack enhances GTA IV’s graphics with a number of post-processing effects, such as motion blur and a deeper depth of focus.

Additionally, the patch replaces the spotty, poor-quality shadows with smoother, more realistic-looking ones.

Yes, there will be a significant performance cost.

However, most gaming systems today should be able to handle it just fine. You won’t regret it, even if some FPS must be given up.

8. Realistic Flying and Driving

Realistic handling is Killatomate’s obsession when creating video games.

That’s why he significantly improved handling in both GTA IV and, more recently, GTA V.

Each of the 170 automobiles in Liberty City that Killatomate addressed separately.

In order to improve handling, he gave each of them a unique center of mass and included additional variables that affected the game’s physics.

I can’t say that any time soon I’ll be driving in GTA IV in a “realistic” manner.

Even so, using this tweak makes driving feel much better.

7. Outstanding ENB graphics

The Excellent ENB Graphics mod by AP84, which was released in 2018, is a more modern option for enhancing the streets of Liberty City.

Actually, AP84 completely reworked an ENB preset that was previously available; the creation came about as a result of months of testing within his own game.

My favorite component of this ENB is how vibrant and brilliant it makes Liberty City appear, despite the fact that it enhances aesthetics in many other ways.

It almost feels like Los Santos from Grand Theft Auto V!

6. Graphical Redesign for the GTA 4 Beautification Project

The key to a happy life is variety.

And I’m determined to provide you as many options as I can to make your game seem beautiful.

If you want to make your game look cohesively good-looking, one of your best options is to follow Tore Andersen’s GTA 4 Beautification Project guide.

The procedures for implementing this Graphical Overhaul for more natural lighting, as well as a few other rendering adjustments, are among the most important sections of the book.

5. Switches with a V shape

Take a break from the visual improvements and think about one of the biggest gameplay changes ever made to GTA IV.

The JulioNIB family of mods includes V Style Char Switch, which attempts to replicate the greatest features of GTA V to GTA IV.

You may switch between characters just like in GTA V thanks to this unique hack.

Among other small things, it offers a useful HUD add-on for weapon selection. It completely overhauls the game and is definitely worth checking out.

4. Enjoy New York

Most GTA fans have come to appreciate Liberty City as a second home after playing so many fantastic games in the New York-inspired metropolis.

Emble’s VIVA New York mod is a wonderful method to give Liberty City a modern flair.

In order to make the city seem more like its real-life inspiration, it changes a number of important features.

The Star Junction will be changed to Times Square, street names will be altered, and the public transportation system will be rebranded to resemble New York’s.

3. iCEnhancer

Hayssam Keilany’s iCEnhancer, which brings innumerable enhancements to make this game shine, has to be the most praised and well-known visuals upgrade for GTA IV.

IceLaGlace created the iCEnhancer by merging enhanced models and textures with a unique ReShade and an ENB preset.

The outcome is a game that just faintly resembles GTA IV’s base version.

And it might even look better than GTA V’s base version.

2. GTA IV Realism Project Mod Pack

KCPRR’s Realism Project Mod Pack is the solution if you want to give GTA IV the most realistic feel possible.

This is a collection of mods, not a single mod, that KCPRR chose and edited over the course of 500 hours of gameplay to make the game more realistic and difficult for himself.

You don’t have to spend those 500 hours personally modifiying the game.

So, this is a very nice deal, in my opinion.

1. American Sleep: A Collection of Realism Mods

There isn’t a single mod who takes the top spot in our ranking. But to a collection of extras that are bundled together to form a narrative.

After GTA IV, American Sleep begins.

Niko is now almost penniless after spending all of the money he earned during the main campaign (as shown by your empty modded-in bank account).

This is particularly problematic given that you now have Basic Needs like eating and drinking.

To endure poverty in Liberty City and return to the top, you’ll need to understand how to take advantage of the game’s most peculiar vanilla and modifiable mechanisms.

This mod is a must-have if you truly just need additional things to do in GTA IV to keep yourself engaged. There is nothing else like it.