18 Best Beat Saber Songs of All Time

Beat Saber has become popular all over the world.

Virtual Self (aka Porter Robinson), a well-known name in the dance music scene, sends new music straight to the app.

But the public releases of new music are coming out slower than many Beat Saber-ists would like.

The game has great music, cool light shows, glowing walls to avoid, and laser swords to cut boxes to the beat.

Are there too many songs for you to choose from?

Fear not, padawan.

I’m here to help you sort through the Beat Saber records and find the 18 best songs.

18. Eiffel 65 (KZY Factory Remix) – Blue

Another one of those songs that you have to play at a party. It’s also a great way to get in shape if you’re playing solo, since you have to move around.

At least on Expert mode, a big part of Blue’s middle/back half is all one-handed, causing you to cut your way through one of the most complicated arrangements of blue boxes we’ve ever seen (in this game).

This is one of the hardest special levels on this list. If you play the Expert version, you can expect to burn more than 80 calories.

17. The White Stripes – Seven Nation Army

Seven Nation Army has only Hard and Normal modes, but it is often used to warm up or cool down.

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The bridge makes you feel like a stand-in drummer for The White Stripes, and the chorus makes you feel like a badass rebel standing your ground against waves of flying drones.

On Hard setting, you can expect to burn between 40 and 80 calories.

16. Michael Jackson – Beat It

This special level is by far the most fun for anyone who thinks they can dance. If you want to have a Beat Saber party, Michael Jackson’s Beat Saber is a good choice.

You should put it near the top of your list. Not only will the person wearing the headset smile right away, but so will everyone else in the area. Unless someone hits them, which is a different matter.

Pick the mode of challenge that suits you best. But be careful, because Expert mode is hard on the body. When we play this version of Beat It on Expert mode, we tend to burn between 50 and 100 calories.

15. Origins – by Jaroslav Beck & Jan Ilavsky ft. Mutrix

“The heart, the brain, the body, and the soul.” In all honesty, playing Beat Saber involves all of these things that are written in the songs. Many of the songs on this list are different from the others.

This one checks that box for sure. This song starts off our list at number 15 and is worth a listen. It has great hanging stops and a great beat to swing to.

14. Legend – by Jaroslav Beck & Generdyn ft. Backchat

This level is a full rap song, which is different from most songs. You’ll almost be too busy trying to pay attention.

But the beat keeps you going and helps you cut like a boss.

13. Turn Me On – by Jaroslav Beck ft. Tiny C

“Both of us…” As you cut, this song will make you nod your head for sure. At 1 minute and 51 seconds, it’s the second shortest song on this list, but you should still play it.

This song is great for slicing boxes because it has some sharp tones and hard hits.

12. Country Rounds – by Jaroslav Beck

Play this song if you’ve never played Beat Saber before. You will learn how to use a laser sword. “But I don’t want you to play a country song.” Just…trust me.

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The sound of Country Rounds is different, but it works and is interesting.

11. Be There For You – by Sedliv ft. Kinnie Lane

Even though the beginning is slow, once the beat drops, this song is great for cutting boxes.

This song is fun to play because it has a snapping beat, catchy words, and cool vocal sounds.

10. Beat Saber – by Jaroslav Beck

This song lives up to its name because it is the best Beat Saber song. There are strong beats, enough repeat to make patterns, and enough variety to keep you interested.

Even though it’s the shortest and best at 1:50, it’s still a tough one to beat. Get it? Beat? No? Okay…

9. Crystallized – by Camellia

The name of this song says everything about it. This whole song is defined by its clear tones and sharp beats.

Its little trills, bells, and bass drops will make you fall in love with it. It’s hard, but it will win you over and become your best.

8. Light It Up – by Camellia

At six minutes and ten seconds, this is the second longest song. It is a fast-paced workout that will keep you on your toes.

The tones are fast and light, and the breaks are nice and smooth for your poor arms.

But it WILL leave you tired. You’ll think more than once that you’ve found the end, but the real ending is very satisfying.

7. Escape – by Jaroslav Beck ft. Summer Haze

“If you want to run away with me,…” This was the first song I ever finished on Expert, so it means a little bit to me.

When you play it, though, you’ll understand why I put it on this list. It has feeling, passion, a great chorus beat, and the power to pull you in.

You’ll be driving while listening to this song and trying to cut boxes.

6. Burning Sands – by Boom Kitty

Think of an exciting show. Set in Egypt. Then go faster. That’s what this song is all about, and it’s so exciting.

The purple and gold boxes are a great touch, and the dark edges of the level always draw my attention.

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5. Unlimited Power – by Jaroslav Beck ft. Frank Bentley

“WE’RE PLAYING BEAT SABER!” I don’t know what will get you excited about Beat Saber if this song doesn’t. It talks about the game by name in the song.

With its fast-paced words and good beats, this song makes you want to bang your head along.

4. Crab Rave – by Noisestorm

The green and blue boxes may make you want to try this song out because it’s different, but be careful. Because of the colors, this one is even tougher.

But don’t run away! It’s a fun task, and the song is happy and catchy. Definitely in the top five, and you’ll need to play it more than once to get used to the colors. And the thought of crabs going to a rave.

3. Rum ‘n’ Bass – by Boom Kitty

Do you like pirates? I like pirates. And this song will make you feel like a pirate, stabbing and cutting to a beat that sounds like it belongs in an epic sword fight.

With growling pirates in the background and different tones all over, this song will make you feel like you’re in a certain Caribbean movie.

2. Angel Voices – by Virtual Self

If you want a challenge, start this beautiful song without knowing how long it is. You’ll wonder if you’re stuck there for good.

This song is the longest you can play at 6 minutes and 12 seconds, but it’s so worth it! This song takes extreme to a level that few others can reach.

It takes patience, attention, and the desire to work up a sweat. It will definitely get you going with its fast beats and strong bass.

1. Pop/Stars – K/DA – by League of Legends

Be careful, you’ll have songs stuck in your head! This one is the best because it is the most interesting and fun to play.

With a bopping song getting you moving, purple and gold boxes setting the mood, and such on beat swings, you can pretty much dance while you slice.

You’ll be singing along to this song like you’re the biggest pop star in your living room. Definitely a fan choice and good enough to be number one.