12 Hardest Songs in Beat Saber

These are some of the hardest songs and quickest tracks on Beat Saber, from It’s Imagine Dragons Time to New Divide by Linkin Park (DLC included).

The sands of Beat Saber, with their ability to “cut the beat,” are not for the weak of the heart.

It’s no secret that this top-notch rhythm game has its fair share of tricky moments.

Beating a challenging level is always satisfying, and Beat Saber provides players of all skill levels with hints and a guide to help them get over the toughest obstacles.

However, a flawless match on Expert + is the ultimate goal for the seasoned slicer.

If you do well enough, you can brag about taking home the prize and even move up the leaderboards. Switch to “No Fail” if you wish to skip the steps to success.

The highest number of blocks, or “beats,” per track in Expert + mode is used to categorise these songs. You won’t find any individualised music here.

By Victoria Pheasey, as of Tuesday, November 14, 2021: With the new Skrillex and Billie Eilish downloadable content (DLC) track packs, you may blast your way through some new maps in Beat Saber, the gift that keeps on giving.

Two more difficult tracks are flying difficult Beat Saber tunes for you to hone your sabre skills.

12. It’s Time: Imagine Dragons: Motivational Both Inside and Outside the Beatmap

Hardest Songs Beat Saber

One of the first bands to release their download content this year was Imagine Dragons, whose offerings included the songs “Bad Liar,” “Believer,” and others.

It’s Time is the most challenging of the album’s ten songs. Even if the rest of the song is quieter, you’ll be encouraged by the rousing beginning.

The omission of friction is terrible, but at least users can create their subtle illusions.

Subconsciously, you recognise this tune, but you’ll be surprised to learn that it has the slowest beat per minute (BPM) of all the challenging songs.

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It’s Time never changes tempo, instead keeping a steady marching beat with tracks and blocks.

11. Billie Eilish, on Oxytocin: “Love is Hard”

Don’t be fooled by this picture-perfect scene, even if the moon appears to be shining through the clouds and a waterfall appears to be falling within the map.

It’s quite persistent. You must avoid 120 hazards and 24 bombs while listening to Billie’s soothing speech.

You may use the environment itself to your advantage, as it is always shifting—lasers will emerge from the clouds to play games, and the moon will transition from blinding white to a bloody red—both of which will aid your cutting.

Indeed, this paper map makes for a fantastic papercraft project.

10. Shiawase: Dion Timmer: Changing the Objectives

In this downloadable content, Canadian label Monstercat joins Rocket League, bringing five new tracks from the playing field to the arena (and further enhancing this indie game’s great soundtrack).

A smoky stage is illuminated by orange and blue blocks, but don’t let that fool you; this song isn’t easy on the ears.

There are multiple side slicers on this map, so keep the space around you clear to prevent knocking over stuff in the real world.

With only 18 obstacles to dodge, your main focus is where it belongs: on those pesky blocks. 

9. B.Kitty is a Lightning-Fast DNB Track from Burning Sands.

A creative track with a wide range of influences but still retaining Boom Kitty’s distinct style is provided.

Kneel because you’re about to enter an assault course, complete with numerous opportunities to duck and evade obstacles (and that’s only on normal difficulty).

There’s some roughness at the beginning of the course, and the blocks are coming at you at breakneck speed.

The middle eight leading up to the final drop is the most challenging section because your arms will likely be the most tired at this point.

Nonetheless, remember the physical activity you’re getting from playing. 

8. Pa. Rock Anthem: LMFAO (with Lauren Bennett and GoonRock): shuffling your way to a full combo

Even on Normal, LMFAO’s most popular music will make you sweat.

A new underground parking lot serves as the backdrop for the multi-genre downloadable content from Interscope Records, and it’s up to you to shine a light on the way with some fantastic singles.

On any difficulty, Party Rock Anthem’s rhythm map will have you dancing between the cuts.

Be wary of your usual attack locations; the map is known to randomly shuffle the blocks around now and then.

While Sky Blu and Redfoo’s opening verses present the greatest difficulty, Lauren Bennett’s last line is filled with walls and explosives.

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7. Overkill: Riot: When Tron: Legacy y Skrillex Collide

The First Beat Saber Bundle from Monstercat has 10 tracks from some of their most exciting in-house talent.

This one eases you into the map with some synths before ramping up the difficulty with some dubstep.

Something to put on a headset for.

It’s a lot harder to play the drums going down the track than it was at the beginning. It’s ridiculous how many notes come at you at once.

The key to surviving a free fall is to take deep breaths and steer clear of danger.

6. New Divide: Linkin Park: Certain To Bring The Feels And The Pain

There are eleven of Chester Bennington’s best hits available for download on the Linkin Park album.

As you rage through the band’s greatest hits, you’ll experience pangs of nostalgia at every song. The downloadable content is centred in a tunnel, with artwork strewn over the area.

Both Faint and One Step Closer are effective beatmap cutters, but New Divide provides the most challenging of the three.

Not to worry; you’ll get lots of chances to brave one of Mike Shinoda’s legendary streams.

There are 162 obstacles on this rhythm map.

When you start slicing to the beat, your sabres will look a lot like drumsticks. Utilize the little breather provided by Chester’s lilting rendition of the song’s opening verses.

5. Skrillex, “Feeling The Burn”; Ragga Bomb (with Ragga Twins);

It’s a perfect pairing, and Skrillex’s DLC adds a whole new level of chaos to the game. There are a lot of fun games in the DJ bundle, but Ragga Bomb is by far the hardest.

Even if there are no bombs to worry about in this scenario, there will still be plenty of challenges to overcome.

There are 127 of them all over the place, and while that may sound manageable, incorporating them into a song with a high beat count and the tempo is challenging.

Their map features an abundance of laser displays, making it ideal for ravers, but you’ll be too busy feeling the heat to enjoy them all.

It’s a win-win if you can dance in your jammies while watching Netflix in your living room.

Restrictions: 1530

BPM: 174

Skrillex Collection (DLC)

4. BTS & Steve Aoki, “MIC Drop” (Remix) /”Burning The Stage”

These K-Pop superstars were bound to turn up the heat eventually.

Any BTS fan who hasn’t already will after listening to these 12 tracks.

Don’t let the flashing lasers and animated BTS members detract from the fact that MIC Drop continues to progress from the ground up.

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Even though the number of blocks doesn’t look too high, this section of the track is the roughest.

You must be ready to go when the clock hits 3:52, as there are 360 flashing barriers to avoid and 92 explosives that want to damage your chances of achieving the highest score.

Be mindful of RM’s “Good Luck” wishes; you’ll need them in the game’s last 90 seconds.

The number of blocks is 1574.

BPM: 170

Package: BTS (DLC) 

3. Angel Voices: Virtual Self – Not So Sweet and Innocent After All

Before you take the wheel, you might want to get a drink of water. Angel Voices delivers a grid packed with rhythmic building components, leaving little room to catch your breath.

It’s a song worth discussing because it spans over six minutes of complete anarchy.

If you have two minutes, make the most of it by appreciating each wall to its fullest, as you will encounter absolutely no obstacles.

As the lead song picks up, heading into that drop gets a tad dangerous. Thankfully, it ramps up, so you won’t fall behind immediately.

2. Camellia, an Eternal Spinner Guaranteed to Raise Your Blood Pressure 2.

Hardest Songs

The Camellia map is infamous for being the most difficult to finish.

The difficulty of his music becomes immediately apparent if you linger over one of his tunes.

While playing through its maps on Normal is an adventure in and of itself, any Beat Saber player worth their salt wants to try their hand at a track on the DJ’s Expert Plus difficulty setting.

In contrast to another Camellia map, this one has a lot fewer blocks and is therefore easier to solve.

The cartographers, though, weren’t keen on your success when it came to bombs.

With an astounding 235 cluttering the map, you’ll have to keep watchful at all times.

1. Ghost: Camellia: Defeat Saber’s final boss

You should be awarded a prize for making it to the other side of the Ghost Map.

Camellia has done a nice job of enhancing what was originally the DJ’s debut solo package outside of typical events.

This is the hardest Expert+ track in the collection, with roughly a thousand more blocks than any other.

In this Beat Saber deathmatch, you’ll take on eight or nine opponents per second.

He is bombarded with a variety of DnB drops to hack, but the moments before those dumps are a complete and utter mess.

If you can conquer this, you can overcome anything life throws at you.

There are a total of 2726 blocks.

BPM: 220

Camellia Flower Bundle (DLC)