15 Best DnD Warlock Spells Everyone Should Know

What’s the best thing about Dungeons and Dragons?

The table top role-playing?

A whole wide world to explore?

The humongous amount of possibilities with all different character traits?

Those are things D&D undoubtedly excels at, but what’s truly great is the variety of spells and abilities that can be used to customize and strengthen your character as you go on playing the game!

Warlocks are indispensable in the world of D&D.

Their insatiable need for knowledge, pacts with patrons, ability to handle some weapons as opposed to bookish wizards and borderline questionable deeds make them enticing choice!

So, if you are into borderline dark magic, let’s take a look at 15 best Warlock Spells of D&D 5th edition!

15. Toll the Dead

Level: Cantrip Level

Components: V, S

The sound of a dolorous bell rings in the air as you point to a creature.

A failed wisdom throw will yield 1d8 necrotic damage, while a successful one yields none.

If the target is missing any hit points, then the damage take shall increase to 1d12.

As you level up to the 5th, 11th and 17th levels, the damage taken increases by a die roll each causing damage being 2d8 or 2d12, 3d8 or 3d12, and 4d8 or 4d12 respectively.

14. True Strike

Level: Cantrip Level

Components: S

A brief insight into the target’s defences and gaining the advantage in the next turn of attacking first provided the spell’s duration of up to 1 round hasn’t ended.

A simple spell but it gives the advantage to the group as a whole, increasing survival chances. Information is one of the most important weapons that can be used to wage war.

13. System Backdoor (UA)

Level: 4th Level

Components: V, S, M

This spell basically acts like a hacker allowing you to pass through or bypass a security system in order to login on a foreign system.

It renders any technomagic spells of level 3 or lower ineffective.

However, once the duration of 1 hour of the spell is up, the login and all privileges disappear and the user cannot be found or traced.

Basically creating a free rein for a short duration for the character and thus, benefitting the team as a whole.

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12. Far Step

Level: 5th Level

Components: V

Teleportation is always a convenient skill to have in your arsenal.

This spell allows teleportation to unoccupied space up to 60 feet away. It also gives a bonus action that enables you to teleport like this again.

The duration of this spell is 1 minute.

The only downside of this very easy spell is that the spell only applies to self and you cannot teleport other creatures along with you.

11. Thunder Step

Level: 4th Level

Components: V

Taking Far Step a step further, we have Thunder Step.

This spell allows teleportation to any unoccupied space within your sight or 90 feet.

Although, this skill doesn’t give you a bonus action, it makes up for that by enabling you to teleport any one creature within a 5 feet range at the moment of casting of spell along with you.

If the creature does not have unoccupied space within 5 feet near the destination, the creature will be left behind.

This spell also allows you to carry objects along with you until your carrying limit.

As soon as you teleport, this spell causes a loud thunder that can be heard from about 300 miles away causing 3d10 damage on a failed Constitution save throw and half on a successful throw.

10. Wall of Light

Level: 5th Level

Components: V, S, M

This spell creates a bright wall of light however and wherever you please within the range.

Free floating? Okay. Attached to a surface?

That’s also done.







Up to 60 feet long, 10 feet high, and 5 feet thick, this wall blocks the line of sight emitting bright light for unto 120 feet and dim light for additional 120 feet.

Creatures and objects can pass through it but they take radiant damage and can be blinded in case of a failed Constitution saving throw.

A successful throw means half the damage and the creature isn’t blinded.

9. Summon Fiend

Level: 6th Level

Components: 600gp worth of humanoid blood in a ruby vial

This ability does exactly what it says, it summons an ally fiend for you. You need to choose whether a Demon, a Devil or a Yugoloth which disappears when, as you guessed it, it hits 0 hit points.

Each Demon, Devil or Yugoloth comes with its own specific statistics for all the 6 attributes, resistances, immunities, proficiencies, senses, hit points and even actions.

This creature share you initiative and will attack right after you, obeying every verbal command or dodging in absence of a command.

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8. True Seeing

Level: 6th Level

Components: 25 gp eye ointment made from mushroom powder, saffron and fat x1

This ability provides any creature that you’re touching with true sight or the power to see things as they are including things like doors hidden by magic or the Ethereal Plan up to 120 feet.

This ability lasts for 1 hour.

On its own, it might not stand out as much but considering the fact that any D&D game is usually a party of adventurers functioning together.

This ability increases the ability and mobility of the group as a whole which can prove instrumental in a game such as this.

7. Finger of Death

Level: 7th Level

Components: V, S

Negative energy surges through the target causing unbearable searing pain coursing through its veins within the range of 60 feet.

In each turn, the target must make a Constitution saving throw to determine the damage.

In case of failed save, the target would take 7d8+30 necrotic damage and half of that in case of a successful throw.

6. Project Image

Level: 7th Level

Components:  V, S, M (small replica of materials worth atleast 5 gp x1)

Since, D&D is all about exploring and experiencing the world created by the Dungeon Master, this illusionary spell is the perfect way to do so!

It provides you with an intangible copy of yourself that lasts for up to 1 day!

This clone mimics your mannerisms perfectly, it can move at up to twice your speed, instantly appear at any location you’ve been to previously within the range of 500 miles.

You can switch your senses of sight and hearing with this clone at any time and can speak, gesture and behave any way you choose!

The catch? The moment the illusion takes any damage, it disappears.

5. Maddening Darkness

Level: 8th Level

Components: V,M (drop of pitch x1; drop of mercury x1)

Spread magical darkness that can’t be illuminated by non-magical light or light created by spells of 8th level or lower with constant sounds of shrieks, mad laughter and gibbering that wold drive anyone insane!

This spell takes effect in a 60 feet radius sphere from the point where you stand at the point of casting the spell.

The best part?

A creature with darkvision can’t see through this darkness. 

Each failed wisdom saving throw takes 8d8 damage and a successful one half the damage for the duration of upto 10 minutes.

4. Power Word: Stun

Level: 8th Level

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Components: V, S

Any creature within the range of 60 feet and having hit points less than 150, will immediately be overwhelmed, leaving it dumbfounded.

If these conditions aren’t met, the spell has no effect.

The stunned target makes a Constitution saving throw at the end of each turn.

A successful save ends the spell.

This spell is powerful and convenient, as it does not require much to use it once you reach the requirements.

3. Astral Projection

Level: 9th Level

Components:{ jacinth worth at least 1,000 gp x1; ornately carved bar of silver worth at least 100 gp x1} for each creature that it is used upon.

You and up to 8 willing creatures, within the range of 10 feet, project your astral bodies into the astral plane.

The material body remains in a state of suspended animation not requiring food or air neither aging.

What makes this spell so great is that any damage or other effects that apply to your astral projection have no effect on your physical body, nor do they carry forward when you return to it!

This spell lasts until you dispel it or can be ended early by Dispel Magic.

When the spell is broken, all creatures return to their bodies and it is revived.

2. Power Word: Kill

Level: 9th Level

Components: V

An all-or-nothing gamble, Power Word is an instantaneous spell.

In the range of 60 feet, any one creature will be compelled to die instantly provided it has 100 or fewer hit points.

This spell is an extremely powerful one as it gets the job done in one go, however, what you must keep in mind is that the spell will be completely ineffective in the case that the target has more than 100 hit points.

1. True Polymorph

Level : 9th Level

Components: drop of mercury x1; dollop of gum arabic x1; wisp of smoke x1

True Polymorph is a 9th level spell used to convert any one creature or non-magical object within range of 30 feet to a different creature or the creature into an object or the object into a creature for 1 hour or until the target drop to a 0 hit points or dies.

Not only that but if you can manage to concentrate this spell for the full duration, the transformation becomes permanent.

This spell can be incredibly useful from the simplest of scenarios where you might need an ally to complex situations that may require a sacrifice of some sort.