12 Best Skyrim Cartoon Mods, ENBs & Textures

Skyrim is as serious as an RPG could get.

No matter how many jokes we can make about arrows to the knee, the universe does feel pretty real.

But if you want something funny or bright, there are mods for that too.

And now you can change Skyrim so that it looks almost like a cartoon. Something that Walt Disney might be proud of.

The game might look like it was made by Warner Bros. because the colors will be brighter and the NPCs will be happier.

It’s time to get rid of “friendly with lore” for this list.

12. Phinix Natural

Skyrim Cartoon Mods, ENBs & Textures

Grab the Phinix Natural install, open up your game, and take a step back in awe at the new beauty of nature.

This mod aims to combine the traditional look of Skyrim with enhanced graphical improvements to create a unique setting.

With this mod installed, you’ll be able to appreciate nighttime like never before. The darker colors are somehow made to look more vivid, while the brighter colors feel a bit opaquer.

It’s like the creator managed to balance the game’s color tones much better. And I, for one, absolutely love the way it turned out.

11. Natural Lighting Vivid Atmospheric

Sky and water will look like never before if you install this amazing mod.

The attention to detail is just astonishing. You can see different types of clouds blending into each other depending on the weather, which is crazy enough.

But that’s not all! The water effects are also better than anything up until this point on my list.

Notice how reflections will look better than ever, and how the waves crash into the shore like never before. Lighting, in general, is also fantastic under this preset.

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A must-have mod if you’re one to explore the natural regions of Skyrim.

10. Stakado Realistic

Man, the Stakado Realistic ENB would be absolutely perfect if it wasn’t for certain issues with bright lighting on surfaces such as rocks.

I was stunned at first when I tried out this mod, and if it wasn’t for this simple issue, you can rest assured that I would’ve ranked this mod far higher up on my list.

In any case, areas where lighting isn’t too prominent will look absolutely gorgeous.

The water looks stunning, too, so be sure to check out the new rivers if you opt to give this one a shot.


No, you won’t be renting vocational apartments with the AIR ENB mod.

Instead you’ll be getting the chance to see how Skyrim looks like under a colorful ENB preset that leaves realism behind to create a completely new visual experience.

That’s my take on it, at least.

The creator claims it to be photorealistic, but it does feel a bit too bright for it to resemble reality. In any case, it’s a fantastic mod that is sure to provide you with a visual overhaul like no other.

If you wish to take the mod even more seriously, though, you might want to ignore the Skyrim Anime characters that the creator decided to use as models for his screenshots. They’re fun, but not so serious.

8. Toon Indie Skyrim ENB

Welcome to Whiterun, where the grass is really green, and the girls are really pretty. Or so I hope!

This Toon Indie Skyrim ENB has two amazing benefits.

The first one is that it turns the game into a sort-of Breath of the Wild spinoff, complete with the clearest of skies, the bluest of waters, and the greenest of grass.

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The second benefit is that this mod makes the game run decently on almost any hardware, even with the graphical changes. Well worth a try!

7. Sexy Skyrim (SFW)

Turn down the lights. Put on some smooth music. It’s time to great freaky!

Despite the name, this mod is actually completely family-friendly.

It’s just a graphics mod that makes the game look so damn good.

It enhances the detail and color of over 40 different plants, grasses, and trees in the game. The changes are not particularly realistic, so they feel more like they belong in a cartoon.

Which is exactly what we’re interested in!

6. Cities Recolored

Cities in Skyrim look great, don’t get me wrong.

But I feel like they miss a certain something.

All these drab colors get so boring after dozens of playthroughs.

Well the Cities Recolored mod is here to make your next session a bit more exciting.

By recoloring all cities, you not only get something new (at least visually) but you also get something that just transforms the whole game environment.

These updated color schemes offer a great balance between cartoonish and realistic, so even no-nonsense players will find something to like here.

5. Colorful Skyrim

If you finally realized that drab colors make everything kinda “bleh”, the next step is to download this Colorful Skyrim mod.

This amazing ReShade Preset makes the whole of this game so darn colorful, that it will almost feel like the continent isn’t being overrun by evil.

But don’t think you can just take a stroll in the countryside unarmed.

It seems like these brighter colors almost make bandits more aggressive.

4. Crimes Against Nature

Fasten your seatbelt, everyone. The Crimes Against Nature wild ride is about to begin!

Never has a Skyrim mod been so wild, or so kooky.

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On the surface, this mod adds “only” a bunch of races, summons, and powers into the game.

But in reality, these new additions are completely nuts.

Seeing a horrifyingly comical rendition of Sonic the Hedgehog in Skyrim is only the tip of the iceberg here, trust me.

3. Big Head Mode

Once upon a time, Big Head modes were included in pretty much every serious game.

Years passed, tastes changed, and that trend kinda died down.

So it’s up to modders to bring a Big Head Mode into modern games.

And so here’s the real question: was the wait worth it for Skyrim?

I’d say that’s a resounding yes!

This mod increases every character’s head to a humongous size, turning the entire game into something so ridiculous, that you might as well beat your enemies by pushing them into fits of laughter.

2. Macho Dragons

Ever feel like the dragons in Skyrim are too serious for your tastes?

No worries: we got you covered.

Or rather, this modder has you covered with their Macho Dragons mod.

This is a pretty funny add-on that turns all the dragons in the game into Randy Savage, the infamous wrestler we all know and love.

I know these all look ridiculous, but please, don’t laugh in their faces.

These dragons are a little prickly about their fashion sense.

1. Cute ENB

You wanted to know the best way to make a cartoon out of Skyrim?

You got it, with the Cute ENB!

This is one of the better ENBs for the entire game, and not just because it changes the atmosphere by introducing more vibrant colors (which it does) (which it does).

But it also doesn’t turn the game into something ridiculous.

Rather, it provides a starting point to do that yourself instead!

We like Skyrim most because it gives us choices.

And the mods, of course!