Heroes Feast 5e D&D Guide

It’s the night before your final battle, the big showdown between your group and the God who wants to destroy all human and less-immortal D&D races.

You sit down at the table with your party and a few honorary members, making a total of twelve people who are willing to risk everything to save everyone.

The priest puts a bowl covered in gems on the table. It’s been a hard way to get here, but everything has helped you and your party get ready for this moment.

Everything has led up to this point, as if fate had personally led you there.

They wave their hands and say a few words softly. It could be a prayer to their god, a wish for luck, or just the words the spell needs.

No matter what, you all hope that this meal will give you the strength to keep going tomorrow and win the fight.

With this power and food in your body, you won’t feel the slightest bit of fear, and neither will those who eat it.

Your thoughts will get sharper, and all of a sudden you’ll be more aware of tricks and bad behavior. There isn’t much question that your enemy will try to act dirty and use cheap tricks.

But in this fight, there are no rules or codes of duty. To save the world, you will have to fight to the death, and you can’t lose.

Tonight, on the other hand, will be fun. Tonight, no one will talk about death. Instead, everyone will cheer and drink as they eat their Heroes Feast and get ready for the fight of their lives.

Welcome to the guide for Heroes Feast 5e!

Spell Description

You set up a huge feast with delicious food and drinks. The feast can only be eaten for an hour before it goes away, and the good results don’t happen until the hour is over. The feast can be eaten by up to 12 different kinds of animals.

If a creature eats at the feast, it gets a number of rewards. The creature is no longer sick or poisoned, can’t be poisoned or scared anymore, and has an edge on all Wisdom saving throws. It also gets the same number of hit points, but its maximum hit points go up by 2d10. These perks last for a full day.

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What Does Heroes’ Feast Do?

6th Level of Spells

Time to cast: 10 minutes

Distance: 30 feet

Verbal, physical, and material parts. (You need a bowl with gems on it that is worth at least 1,000 gold pieces. This bowl is used up when you cast it.)

The action happens right away and lasts for 24 hours.

The feast can only be eaten in an hour and is gone after that time. The results don’t start to happen until after an hour. This feast can be shared by up to twelve people.

If you join the feast, you will get a lot out of it. You are no longer sick or poisoned in any way. You no longer get sick from poison or scared when you get hurt.

All of your Wisdom saving throws will have a bonus. Your full hit points go up by 2d10. This is how many hit points the spellcaster gets.

Is the Cost of Heroes’ Feast Worth It?

This spell has a pretty high price tag. If you could, it would be easy to just throw a thousand gold coins on the table, but you have to take the time to find a bowl with gems on it.

How you and your group get the bowl is up to you, whether you do it legally or by stealing.

If you buy the bowl, I think everyone at the party should chip in. This is a spell that helps everyone, not just one person.

Heroes Feast could help keep your party members from being charmed or having their minds taken over.

Also, it can keep them from running away from a fight by accident or being weaker in every attack because they are scared of your enemy.

When you’re scared, you can drag out a fight for a long time, which makes it one of the most annoying states to be in.

The longer a battle lasts, the more likely it is that someone will die. So, it makes sense that Heroes’ Feast can help you and the other people in your party live longer.

Can Heroes’ Feast be Dispelled?

Heroes Feast 5e D&D Guide

Some Dungeon Masters could be mean and stop the effects from happening to just one monster.

Still, based on how Dispel Magic works, I would say that you can’t get rid of the effects of Heroes’ Feast before the 24 hours are up unless you target specific effects.

Heroes’ Feast is an instant spell, which means that the spell itself is not active. Instead, only the results of the spell are.

This will depend a lot on how your DM wants to run the game, so I recommend talking to them and your party to figure out what would be fair and keep your game fun.

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Who Can Use Heroes’ Feast?

Heroes’ Feast is a power that can only be used by Clerics and Druids. Heroes’ Feast is a sixth-level spell, so the Cleric or Druid must first be able to cast at least one other sixth-level magic.

When druids hit level 9, they get their first spell slot for a sixth-level spell.

When a cleric gets to level 11, they get their first spell spot for a sixth-level spell. So, Druids, if you can get your hands on a bowl, you can help your party win the fight even before the halfway point of leveling.

Peak Time to Use Heroes’ Feast

It can be hard to figure out when to use Heroes Feast at the best time. We don’t want it to be like those times when you get a lot of powerful gear and guns but never use them because you’re waiting for something more important to happen.

Before you know it, you’ve finished the game without using any of your powerful tools because you were afraid of wasting them. In this way, that super-strong tool feels a lot like a bowl covered in gems that is worth more money than most DnD NPCs will ever see in their whole lives.

There’s always the urge to use it, but the right time rarely comes along. The best time is when you’re fighting the final boss, but by that point, your party is usually pretty high level, and money is rarely an issue when you’re getting a lot of noble jobs.

So, when would be the best time to use it before the final boss?

If you’re going ghost hunting or your character is going through a big change, I’d recommend it. It might seem pointless to make a Heroes’ Feast to celebrate a character’s success or a shining moment of personal growth. But in real life, we celebrate when someone does something amazing or goes through a time when they grow as a person.

My family would go out to a nice restaurant for dinner, and I wouldn’t be the first person to say that a Heroes’ Feast is the same thing. It’s a great time to get to know the other players and encourage them to play their roles. There’s a good chance that the effects will be wasted, but now it’s more about the trip than the end result. It’s more of a party than a way to get ready.

On the other hand, getting ready is a big part of ghost hunting. The most important part of this situation is that Heroes’ Feast gives everyone who eats it an advantage on Wisdom saves and makes them immune to fear.

Technically, a ghost’s Possession Action needs a Charisma save, but I think that’s stupid and makes no sense. Why would being cool help me get rid of the possession? Do I use magic to convince the ghost to let me stay in charge? No.

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Instead, I think you have a strong mind and a high enough Wisdom roll that your mind and awareness are strong enough to fight off any kind of control. No matter what, a Dungeon Master is the one who makes these changes. But ghosts do have an action called “Horrifying Visage,” which requires a Wisdom save.

When you take the action “Horrifying Visage,” you must make a Wisdom saving throw with a DC of 13. If you fail, you become scared. This effect is cancelled out by Heroes’ Feast. If you roll an eight or less, that is. If you roll an eight or lower, you age by 1d4 x 10 years, and only a Greater Restoration spell can reverse this damage within 24 hours.

So, to keep our lively and active characters lively and active, it’s best to take precautions and eat a Heroes’ Feast before diving head first into a haunted house.

Is Heroes’ Feast Good?

Overall, the score is “sky blue.” This means that the heroes’ feast spell is a very powerful one. If you don’t take this spell, your character won’t be as good as it could be.

Overall Notes: The fact that it costs a lot to cast doesn’t change the fact that it gives your whole party a powerful boost.

The effects also last for a whole day of adventure and don’t require you to focus. Great spell to burn the night before a fight that could be dangerous.


Is the Heroes’ Feast cookbook worth it? 

Definitely, yes, it is. The Heroes’ Feast, which is the official Dungeons and Dragons recipe, puts food in a fantasy light and makes you think differently about your food and how to add fantasy elements to it. It will help you get into the Dungeons and Dragons world, and you never know, if you can’t decide what to make for dinner one night, flipping through it might give you the right idea.

Do I need 12 people for the Heroes’ Feast spell to work? 

You don’t need to. The spell can be used by one to twelve people. You can’t have a thirteenth wheel who gets the perks, which is too bad.

Can Heroes’ Feast go on longer for an hour? 

Not at all. At the end of your time limit, all the food you haven’t eaten will be gone.

Could Heroes’ Feast be cast by any class if it’s cast from a scroll? 

Heroes’ Feast could be cast by any class other than a Cleric or Druid who knows how to use a scroll. A lot of magic scrolls are close to being homebrew, so it’s up to your DM to try to add them to the game. It’s important to remember that you have to find one of these books first.