18 Best SNES Puzzle Games of All Time

Many believe the Super Nintendo era to be the pinnacle of gaming history. It’s no different for puzzle games from that era.

While Tetris on the Game Boy demonstrated that players were eager for these types of games, it was the Super Nintendo that demonstrated that this need was not limited to on-the-go gaming.

Especially since multiplayer on the beautiful portable was merely weird, the SNES took multiplayer to a whole new level.

And I should point out that SNES puzzle games did more than just imitate the Tetris formula.

Many of them went above and beyond to deliver unique experiences that actually advanced the genre.

Some have weathered the test of time and continue to provide pure brain-teasing entertainment to this day.

18. Super Bomberman: Panic Bomber W

As a big Bomberman fan, I always enjoy playing Panic Bomber, whether it’s the awesome PSP version or this super-cute SNES version.

It’s funny to match up different colored Bomberman heads as you blow up piles of bombs and watch the heads blink in surprise.

As you make progress in each match, the background picture changes, which is a nice touch that I wish more puzzle games would add.

17. Magical Drop

You may know it as Chain Reaction, but no matter what you call it, Magical Drop is a very unique game.

The simple idea of grabbing and throwing spheres to make chains that hurt your opponent is a great way to play tug-of-war and is great for games with more than two people.

Over the years, there have been a lot of variations and different versions of Magical Drop, so you can play it many times.

Money Puzzle Exchanger is one of my all-time favorite games, so check it out!

16. Kirby’s Super Star Stacker

Kirby’s Star Stacker for the Game Boy is one of my all-time favorite games.

Did you know that it was also made for the Super Nintendo in Japan?

This cute puzzle game is called Kirby no Kirakira Kizzu.

You have to match up different creatures from Kirby’s world with stars in between them to make pairs and chains, which is both relaxing and fun.

I wish this was how every Kirby Game Boy game was redone.

15. Zoop

Zoop the zoops to zoop them. What a catchphrase!

Zoop is without a doubt one of the most original Super Nintendo puzzle games ever, ingeniously mixing visuals and gameplay to produce a beautiful yet hard experience.

In the game, you control a triangle in the center of the screen (sounds simple, right?)

Only by shooting pieces of the same hue and “zooping” them can you prevent lines of differently colored objects from entering a central area. You will learn it quickly if you play it.

The game starts out simple, but once you’ve accumulated enough points, the game speeds up, making it harder to distinguish the colors.

This generates a crazy, unexpected kaleidoscope in which you may wind up getting zooped!

14. Yoshi’s Cookie

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to eat a Rubik’s Cube made of cookies?

I’m sure it’s delicious.

Yoshi’s Cookie sort of addresses that question. Players clear lines of cookies by moving complete rows up and down, or left and right, in this amazingly basic puzzle game.

Match the cookies and win a gift!

The biscuits wrap around like a Rubik’s Cube. So you’ll have to be cautious when relocating items because it could derail your entire strategy.

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Yoshi’s Cookie is clearly on the easy side, with no sophisticated gameplay. After all, this was developed for younger children in the early 1990s.

However, it can still provide simple entertainment for people who need to unwind after a hard day.

Now, if we could only eat those cookies…

13. Kirby’s Avalanche

Kirby is an expert impersonator.

He took things to the next level in Kirby’s Avalanche by cloning a full game!

To be entirely honest, Kirby’s Avalanche does nothing distinct from its major influence.

As in the traditional Puyo Puyo, you must clear the screen of falling gumdrops by matching three or more of the same hue.

You can release chains by matching many drops in a succession, thereby driving your opponent (AI or person) to cap out and lose.

While the experience is far too familiar (because to Kirby’s unique ability to imitate), it is highly solid and addictive. I actually prefer it to a normal Tetris game, because to the Kirby aesthetics.

Not to mention the addition of a couple remixes from Kirby’s famous soundtrack.

Another game that works well for people of all ages and can help you “turn your brain off” and enjoy some mindless pleasure for a bit.

12. WildSnake

The goal of WildSnake is to remove all of the snakes from a grid by carefully placing and matching them. Players are taken to a lively and colorful world.

The game is easy to learn and play, so people of all skill levels can enjoy it. It also has easy-to-use features and simple ideas.

Don’t be fooled by how easy the game looks. As you move through the stages, the task gets harder, requiring you to think quickly and move precisely.

WildSnake, a puzzle game for the SNES, is proof of how popular they still are.

Everyone who likes puzzles should play this game because of how well it looks, how it works, and how fun it is to play.

WildSnake will give you hours of fun and happiness, whether you want to test your puzzle-solving skills or just want to play a game that is fun and satisfying.

11. Krusty’s Super Fun House

The early 1990s saw an outpouring of The Simpsons licensed titles that were mostly unimpressive.

Krusty’s Super Fun House is most emphatically not one of them.

Krusty’s Super Fun House is an odd twist on the Lemmings model, combining light platforming with a unique take on the Lemmings paradigm.

You must guide groups of rats into an extermination machine while controlling Krusty the Clown by removing all barriers, defeating foes, and precisely putting blocks along the way.

The strange progression mechanism that demands you to uncover and complete secret rooms to clear a stage can make the gameplay a little stressful… Who wants to go looking for hidden secret rooms?

People, bonus rooms.

However, Krusty’s Super Fun House is a strangely entertaining experience that is best suited to the most sadistic puzzle game aficionados. It’s something you should strive to appreciate for yourself.

And keep in mind that you are not leading these rats to safety; Krusty would not want that.

10. Pieces

If you believe assembling a digital jigsaw puzzle is the most boring pastime ever… Pieces will alter your perspective on things.

Pieces is as simple as a puzzle game can get.

You’ve been charged with completing jigsaw puzzles by accurately putting pieces before your opponent.

While the single-player mode is unremarkable (it’s simply too simple), the multiplayer modes are where the game truly shines.

This is due to a variety of powerups that might make life easy for you while making it much more difficult for your brother/sister/mom/dad/neighbor kid.

Don’t you hate it when a random broom swipes away your perfectly positioned pieces? Hello and welcome to Pieces.

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9. Pac-Attack

One thing that really stands out about Pac-Attack is how addictive it is. Clearing rows and beating ghosts gives you a rush of energy, and the puzzles make it hard to stop playing.

Each level of the game is hard enough to keep you interested and coming back for more.

Pac-Attack also has different ways to play that make the game fun and interesting.

From the classic Arcade Mode to the hard Puzzle Mode and the fast-paced Vs. Mode, there is a game mode for everyone that will give them hours of excitement.

Pac-Attack for the SNES is a masterpiece of a puzzle game. It mixes the long-lasting popularity of the Pac-Man games with the addictiveness of Tetris.

It’s fun to play because it’s simple but strategic, has classic images, and is hard to stop playing.

Pac-Attack is a game that should be in your collection, whether you like old games or are looking for a new problem to solve.

Get ready for a puzzle-filled journey where you’ll have to outsmart ghosts and stack bricks.

8. Mario’s Super Picross

Games, like all those strange people you met as a kid, might be misconstrued.

The same is true with Picross. But Mario made it possible for this SNES game to receive its due.

Mario’s Super Picross outperforms both the original Picross and its direct sequel in every way.

The game still revolves around chiseling squares inside grids to form pictures, with numbers on the side providing hints.

Try your hand at the Wario Mode puzzles if you think suggestions make things too simple. These give no hints at all. Best wishes, pal.

And don’t try to cheat by Googling online: Wario will not allow it!

7. Tetris & Dr. Mario

What happens when two of the best puzzle games ever combine?

You get two games for the price of one.

Tetris & Dr. Mario contains both Tetris and Dr. Mario in their original forms.

As a result, you’ll be clearing lines with Tetrimonoes and Viruses like there’s no tomorrow.

The two games, which are both relatively simple to learn but far more difficult to master, remain separate until you enter Versus Mode.

While transitioning from one game to another, two players go together.

You don’t need a medical degree to play Dr. Mario, but you will need a certain level of competence if you want to be the last one standing.

6. Troddlers

If an antique book has a “DO NOT TOUCH” warning on it, you know what to do.

Allow the Troddlers to escape!

Troddlers is a game that few Super Nintendo owners are familiar with.

And it’s a pity, because it adds fresh twists to the Lemmings experience, such as light platforming aspects and three different mission objectives, which are frequently merged in later stages to deliver the ultimate challenge.

Just like in Lemmings, you must develop a path to the goal.

Furthermore, the range of different blocks that can be conjured out of thin air allows gamers a level of creativity not available in the basic game.

This seems like pure magic right now. According to the Zombie Troddlers, necromancy is also practiced.

5. Tetris 2

Tetris retaliates. Or maybe not, because Tetris 2 isn’t anything like the original.

That is why it shines so brightly.

Not resting on the incredible success of the original, Tetris 2 reinvents the Game Boy game formula in a very smart way on the SNES.

While you must still clear the screen of Tetriminoes, you must now match the colors of pre-placed blocks on the screen. Tetris 2 becomes a puzzle game within a puzzle game.

The level design is fantastic here, easing you into the game in the early stages just to tax your thinking later on.

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The fun doesn’t stop when you’ve conquered all 100 stages, thanks to the Versus mode, which allows you to compete against either the AI or another human player.

It’s a mystery why Tetris 2 hasn’t become as popular as its predecessor, with such a fascinating experience.

4. Bust-A-Move

Bust-A-Move is the only Super Nintendo Entertainment System game you need to play if you want to solve puzzles in a fun and colorful way.

When this puzzle game came out on the market, it had unique game features and bright graphics that caught players’ attention right away.

Bust-A-Move has both a fun game for two people and a fun game for one person. In a head-to-head race with a friend, try to clear your screen faster than the other person.

It’s a great choice for game nights or when you want to challenge your gaming friends, since the shared mode adds a fun and friendly level of competition.

Bust-A-Move is a must-play for people who like puzzle games and the SNES.

Its fun games, cute characters, and bright graphics make for an immersive experience that will keep you busy for hours.

3. Lemmings 2: The Tribes

There are as many Lemmings as there are stars in the sky.

Fortunately, stars do not perish as frequently.

Lemmings 2: The Tribes is the sequel to which all games should aspire.

While the core gameplay remains mostly unchanged, Lemmings 2 ups the ante with improved level design and a slew of additional bizarre abilities.

For example, the Attractor skill causes any picked Lemming to whip out a musical instrument and begin an explosive impromptu performance, resulting in some of the strangest dance motions ever seen.

Another fantastic addition that adds even more depth to the experience is the ranking system, which forces you to devise the most effective approach to save these terrible creatures.

If you like the original Lemmings on the SNES but never got a chance to play the sequel, I highly recommend it.

2. The Lost Vikings

Erik, Baleog, and Olaf had to have gone to Valhalla.

I mean, how many Vikings have survived an alien abduction?

The Lost Vikings brilliantly combines puzzle game features with light platforming techniques to create a truly unique experience.

Controlling the three lost vikings, you must explore a variety of locales loaded with traps and adversaries, using each viking’s unique talent to make it through the game’s 32 stages alive.

Erik’s jump, Baleog’s sword/bow, and Olaf’s shield are all examples of abilities. Each have their own special ability to assist you in solving challenges along the road.

While the experience is a little too reliant on trial and error, the great level and puzzle design will always keep you on your toes, challenging you to make split-second decisions that will mean the difference between success and game over.

1. Tetris Attack

Tetris Attack is the best puzzle game for the SNES.

We didn’t know what to expect when we first tried this because the title isn’t very clear. Instead of falling down like in Tetris, the blocks actually come up from the floor.

One of the best things about Tetris Attack is that it has a lot of different ways to play and different levels of difficulty.

This game has something for everyone, whether you like to play against your friends in tough head-to-head matches or go it alone to solve the puzzle-filled rounds.

There are a lot of different game types, such as Time Trial, Endless, and Puzzle, so you will never get bored.

Playing against a friend in a competitive game is a lot of fun, and that’s where Tetris Attack really shines.

The great way the game is played and the fun way blocks fall is a great take on the puzzle game genre.