Shocking Grasp 5e D&D Guide

The Shocking Grasp is a trick that isn’t used often, but it is an enthralling value for spell casters. 

The melee component of this trick puts it in a risk/reward, or emergency-only category.

The guidelines for Shocking Grasp are discovered in Players Handbook on page 275.

Stunning Grasp 5e

Evocation Cantrip

Casting Time: 1 Action

Range: Touch

Components: V, S

Duration: Instantaneous

Lightning erupts from your fingers and delivers a shock to any creature you attempt to contact. 

Use a melee spell on the person you want to target. You can gain an advantage on your attack roll if your target is wearing armor made from metal. 

When you strike, the target is hit with 1d8 lightning damage. It won’t be able to take any reactions until the beginning of its next turn.

The spell’s damage is increased by 1d8 as you progress to the 5th grade (2d8) the 11th degree (3d8) or the 17th degree (4d8).

These rules of Shocking Grasp outline the benefits as well as the drawbacks associated with this ability. 

Spellcasters are generally not the type of class to lean on for a melee attack. 

The benefit of armor made of metal is great and the opponent’s lack of reaction could be a saving of hit points if the spellcaster decides to run away.

Is Shocking Grasp good for you?

The Shocking Grasp is an amazingly excellent cantrip for players who are fond of getting close or get caught frequently in melee.

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The D8 damage is much to be desired from the cantrip that requires the caster to be within melee range, which is not their specialization. 

This makes it better suited as an emergency cantrip rather than being the primary weapon of attack. 

Many cantrips are range-based and are more suitable for combat players.

The thing that is interesting about Shocking Grasp’s effect is the way it works and the method of application. 

In the beginning, when we look at the advantages of using metal armor, it’s obvious that this type of cantrip should be applied against intelligent or humanoid adversaries. 

Most monsters don’t wear armor. Also, the chance to be hit is enhanced.

The loss of reaction could bail a caster out if they’re targeted in a melee. 

Yes, the caster could take advantage of their ability to break off and escape but why not do any damage in the process.

The spell also says “no reaction,” so the enemy could still make use of reactions when the caster disengages. 

This isn’t the case in the successful application by the spell.

Hot Tip

Utilizing Metamagic the spell can be made an encircling spell or a twinned spell. 

This alters the whole nature of the spell and boosts it in strength. 

The ability to block the reaction of several enemies can be an important factor in a battle.

What is the purpose of a shocking graze?

This Shocking Grasp cantrip causes lightning to shoot out of the caster’s hand, causing a shock to the person who is targeted. 

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The spell can cause lightning damage, as it is a damaging kind. 

This is an important distinction to note since lightning damage is not as frequently resisted as other types of damage, like fire.

The target suffers lightning damage of d8 on an effective hit. It is not able to react to the entire round.

A spell called Shocking Grip with its advantages and uses makes it useful if you’re trying to stay clear of the fire. 

However, the downside is that it requires a melee strike to create, which doesn’t suit all casters.

If you plan to utilize Shocking Grasp as a primary damage-cantrip, make sure that it’s with the awareness that your character is likely to be at risk. 

Sorcerers are a rare exception since their metamagic abilities increase the effectiveness and impact that the spell has.

Does shocking your grasp constitute an attack?

Shocking Grasp spell that requires an attack roll in melee. This means that the user is performing the spell but not the attack.

Secondary attacks, like using an offhand weapon are only accessible when a character is taking an attack. 

The caster is restricted to one action and a bonus action spells (one being one that is a cantrip) as is the norm.

While the Shocking Grasp is a good way to strike an animal wearing armor made of metal as well, it also functions as a melee spell. 

That means that a person with the ability to parry can use this feature to lessen the damage.

This isn’t very evident based on the notion that the spell can benefit to strike a target with armor made of metal. 

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It doesn’t consider the possibility that the target could possess a shield of metal or weapon.

Does Mage Hand deliver a shocking Hand Grasps?

Mage Hand isn’t equipped with the ability to cast touch spells. Therefore, it can’t provide a Shocking Grasp. 

Since it’s a touch spell Grasp might be carried out through the familiar. A different option would be to employ Metamagic to provide the spell with a ranged ability.

Hot Tip

A sorcerer that has familiars has the chance to unleash twinned magic via the familiar. 

That means that if the familiar is within the range of two opponents (5 feet) it can unleash a Shocking grip on both. 

This is another method to utilize close-quarters cantrips, without having to be directly in danger.

Final Words

Shocking Grasp might not be the first thing that pops into your mind when thinking of damage-cantrips for casters. 

But, if you’re seeking something different from the standard options this could be a good possibility.

Naturally, its value will depend on the class selection, as Sorcerers will gain more bang for their money with this cantrip. 

It’s best used as a backup cantrip to give the caster flexibility if they get stuck.

Melee spells don’t get penalized if it is cast within the melee range. This one could give you an advantage in your role.