Hold Person 5e D&D Guide

The Hold Person spell is considered to be the most powerful power flexibility spell. 

It can be used to set on an opponent to strike them down or to keep an individual who is of interest to interrogate. 

The spell can be used for usage both inside and outside of combat. Its versatility is always a benefit when dealing with spells.

The rules of Hold Person are discovered inside the Players Handbook on page 251.

Hold Person 5e

Hold Person 5e
  • Enchantment: 2nd Level
  • Time to Cast: 1 Action
  • Distance: 60 Feet
  • The components are: V, S, M (A small straight piece of iron)
  • Duration Focus: (1 minute)

Choose a humanoid from the list that can be seen within. The target must make a Wisdom saving attempt or become temporarily paralyzed throughout the time. 

After each turn, the target may make a second Wisdom save. If it succeeds the spell is over the goal.

At higher levels: When casting this spell with the slot for spells of 3rd or greater You can target an extra humanoid per slot level that is higher than 2nd. 

The humanoids should remain within 30 yards of one another in order to be targeted.

Hold Person is an excellent spell. The rules define their pros and cons in a clear manner. 

The effect can only be used on a humanoid with the goal of receiving a chance to save itself when it is the final turn. 

It does not state that the effect will be broken when the target suffers damage, which is crucial to remember. 

The spell does allow for the chance to cast it again. It is an “all or nothing” spell in its most pure form.

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What are the main things that Hold Person works on?

Hold Person is a spell that targets humans only. This is intended to limit the strength of this spell. 

It also has a similar higher-level spell version that is in Hold Monster that targets creatures and works on virtually anything.

This doesn’t mean the spell is ineffective at all. It simply means that you must adhere to the rules. 

There are a variety of monstrous, humanoid races like gnolls, goblins as well as lizardfolk, and kobolds, which could be affected by the Hold Person.

The book descriptions should be adhered to with strictness in the description of monsters. If it does not say humanoid, it won’t have any effect on Hold Person.

Does Hold Person work as a Spell?

Hold Person, as with many illusion and enchantment spells is based on a save of a throw to allow the spell to be efficient. 

It creates an all-or-nothing situation for the player. Wisdom saves are difficult to achieve for most creatures and NPCs. Therefore, chances are high of the spell being able to be successful.

The spell gets more powerful as it is used at higher levels. Because it affects the enemies of a group close to 30 meters from one another and allows the person casting it to control the battlefield effectively. 

When you consider the generally weak wisdom saved by adversaries, the spell is extremely powerful.

In general, saves are not improved for enemies when you level. They depend on abilities more. 

Certain, a humanoid opponent who has legendary resistance is likely to automatically save the battle, but his enemies may not. This can drastically reduce the risk of a battle.

Hold Person is an effective spell when used in the right situation. It is able to stop an opponent from fleeing or completely stop them from fighting. 

Because it can be able to use at higher levels and become more effective, it can be stronger and enables casters to block entire areas of the battlefield.

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What exactly does a Hold Person do?

If the intended target of the Hold Person is not able to save throw and becomes affected by the spell they become affected by the paralyzed condition. 

The condition that is paralyzed has the following consequences:

  • A creature that is paralyzed is incapacitated (an incapacitated animal is unable to take actions or react) and is unable to speak or move.
  • The creature will automatically fail the Strength and Dexterity saving throws. Any attacks made against the creature are favored.
  • Any attack that strikes the creature is considered to be a critical hit in the event that it is less than 5 yards from the animal.

The ability to limit reactions and actions is very beneficial. The automatic failure of strength and dexterity saving throws is beneficial. 

The most significant hitter for the paralyzed state is that last line in the text: Any attack that hits the creature is considered to be a critical hit in the event that it is less than 5ft.

This is an excellent chance to create an effective kill shot against an adversary that is particularly hard to kill. 

Giving a paladin or barbarian, or rogue to take on the automatic critical can be awe-inspiring.

There are two ways to apply spells such as Hold Person. The first is to use immediately to cause massive damage right away. 

Another option is to keep it in the event that things don’t go to your plan. Whatever the case, the key should be to make a strategy to follow and be in contact with your group.

Clarification of Hold Person

  • Hold Person is not able to operate on any animal which is not listed as a humanoid.
  • Being invulnerable against Charm spells doesn’t give any immunity or protection against Hold Person.
  • Hold Person can make a humanoid flying disappear from the sky when they lack the ability to hover.
  • Hold Persons can be ejected with dispel magic.
  • Hold Person is not able to be eliminated by dealing damage to the person in the target. The target must make an attempt to save at the end of each turn.
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Hold Person doesn’t break concentration. A spellcaster who is held will remain focused on a spell but perform nothing else. 

However, being held while a caster is in a position of danger would nevertheless require a concentration test.

Final Words

Hold Person is a powerful and powerful spell that could be extremely powerful. 

It is able to take down a single enemy, or multiple enemies, in the event of casting it at a higher degree, therefore it is not an unnecessary thing to include included in the book. 

It is imperative to know that it can only be used only on humanoids.

If your adventure is on the physical plane the chances are it’s useful at lower levels, at the very least. 

If your adventure is on a different plane or in an extremely hostile area perhaps it is worth avoiding.



Yes! When hold person is used, the person or thing being held can’t move, but there’s nothing stopping them from being moved. If you have time and the person keeps failing their saving throws, you can walk up to them and make them pick their own nose, knock them down, or even pick them up and throw them into a nearby river.


Even though a person who is being held can keep a concentration spell going, that spell is at risk if they keep getting hit.


Yes, it does.


After we’ve gone over everything else, let’s finally talk about how to use the spell hold person most effectively.

Is Hold Person a Cleric Spell?

Yes, this spell is on the cleric spell list.

Do You Get Advantage on Hold Person?

Once you’ve paralysed your enemy, all of your attacks against them have advantage, and if you hit them from within 5 feet, it’s a critical hit.

Can You Talk with Hold Person?

No. A paralyzed creature cannot move or speak.