Armor of Agathys 5e D&D Guide

A fantastic defensive spell Armor of Agathys absorbs and inflicts damage. It is often regarded as to be one of the top earlier warlock magic spells.

These rules of Armor of Agathys are found in the Players Handbook on page 215.

The Armory of Agathys 5e

Abjuration: 1st Level

Time to Cast: 1 Action

Range: Self

The components are: V, S, Components: V, S, (A Cup of Water)

Duration: 1 hour

A magical shield is encircling you, manifesting itself in the form of a spectral froth that protects you and your equipment

You will gain 5 hit points for the duration. If a creature strikes you with a melee attack when you are armed with those hit points it takes five cold damages.

At higher levels. If casting this spell with an unused slot in a spell that is 2nd or higher and the hit points and cold damage will increase by 5 points for each slot level that is higher than 1st.

Rules for Armor of Agathys provide an excellent explanation of the visual elements of the spell, as well as simple explanations of how it functions. 

The unique thing about this particular spell is the fact that it explicitly declares that you and your gear are included, meaning this spell is able to be used in conjunction with any other protections or armor that you may have. 

The description also gives an ample amount of freedom regarding flavoring possibilities.

Are Armors Of Agathys Good?

Armor of Agathys

Armor of Agathys (AoA) is a part defense spell and an attack spell. It is different from other spells like Shield or Mage Armor

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AoA gives temporary hit points to the spellcaster and additionally deals harm to a melee attacker.

It is crucial to remember that the spell is activated when hit by an attack that is melee. It is an ideal spell for a warrior who is planning to get in combat, as opposed to a character who is ranged.

Based on the belief that an armed warlock with a sword is likely to gain more benefits from this spell AOE makes a fantastic option. 

It’s available immediately and the advantages that come with casting spells on the highest level make it worth the cost. 

When it is a 3 4th level spell, it grants you 15 hit points that are temporary and also does automatic 15 damage to the target regardless of how many hits remain.

The Armor of Agathys spell was mostly designed to be used in the Pact of the Blade warlock. It requires that the player be able to take melee damage in order in order to activate. 

There are a few casters that will be more in melee range that the sword warlock. Yes, they do have Eldritch Blast.

However, if they are able to attune to magic pact weapons Eldritch Blast can quickly lose its charm.

The Armor of Agathys is a wonderful spell to flavor the warlock. The description provided in the rules simply mentions the spectral frost. 

The description doesn’t include any specific color or information for an image. 

Players and DMs can be creative with their customizations because it doesn’t add any additional work or alter the spell’s mechanics.

Does Armor of Agathys have the ability to concentrate?

According to this spell Armor of Agathys does not require concentration. It lasts for one hour after casting. 

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The warlock can use different magic spells (like Hex) while the AoA is over. The duration is enough to allow the spell to be cast prior to any real threat Which is an advantage.

The armor of Agathys is not able to allow any damage that is kept. 

If for any reason, you attempted to limit the damage caused by one particular enemy, but you were struck by a different opponent, you can’t forfeit the damaging effect that you can use in the future.

Following the Eldritch Blast, Armor of Agathys could be among the most well-known spells for warlocks that you can play. 

It’s exclusive to the warlock, it grants some hit points for a short period, causes damage, and appears cool. 

Its ability to up-cast makes it in use even as you progress through levels. It’s among the spells that are used by everyone and it’s not a reason to shy away from it merely because of its popularity.

What is Armor of Agathys do?

To fully comprehend the advantages that come from Armor of Agathys spell, it must be broken into advantages. 

The first is the temporary hit points that are a result of the spell, and then the ability to damage the spell. 

Be aware that the spell was designed to be used by warlocks with a lot of melees. Ranged attack-based characters will likely make better use of the slot.

The first is that AoA provides temporary damage points. The caster will gain 5 HP for each level that is used. 

Since warlocks are always casting at the most advanced level, it’s easy to understand the advantages of the spell. 

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When they reach higher levels, warlocks should be able to take on a few attackers and with the hit points increasing, meaning greater damage can be expected from the spell.

The second is that in the event that the character has a portion of the hit points for temporary use the caster continues to deal with the injury caused by Armor of Agathys. 

Utilizing Armor of Agathys on 3 3rd level grants the caster 15 hit points that are temporary. If an enemy strikes the caster, causing 3 damages, the opponent is hit with 15 damage. 

If this is the case the enemy would strike 5 times until all temporary hit points disappear. The enemy will take 5 x 15 damage to take 75 damage.

Temporary hit points cannot stack. The character is not able to get the advantages that come from Armor of Agathys and False Life for instance which are specifically associated with temporary hit points.

Final Words

Armor of Agathys Like most of the spells available in the game is situational. It’s designed for the warlock who isn’t afraid of playing close and mixing the two. 

It’s also available as it is a 1 1st stage spell making it an excellent addition to any combo of classes that could be intriguing.

A spell that provides the ability to heal or provide a defensive bonus as well as causing damage to the attacker is worth considering. 

There are only a handful of dual-purpose spells available in the game and none of them are as tasty as Armor of Agathys.