14 Best Builder Hall 3 Base Layout Links

Hey, folks. This week, the biggest update for builder bases came out for Clash of Clans. So, everyone in their clan started building their bases quickly to keep up with the other players in their clan.

So, we decided to bring you the best Town Hall 3 builder base designs for Clash of Clans to help players win more battles and trophies faster.

Builder Hall Level 3 Layouts

The main purpose of these bases is to use crushers to protect themselves from enemy bases. So, Crusher is always the most interesting thing in every base.

To get more than two stars, the enemy troops must go past the crusher. This is quite hard and can only be done by the best attackers with the best army composition. There are open spaces in the bases that make it easy for troops to get inside.

But once the attacker takes down the defenses in one compartment, it moves to another compartment, leaving the builder hall alone, which is a plus for us and makes our base anti-2 stars.

Troops available at builder hall level 3

Giants, Archers, Barbarians, Minions

Defense buildings available at builder hall level 3 are

  • Tesla.
  • Fire crackers.
  • Double canon.
  • Crusher.
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2000+ Cups. Only the newest and best Builder Hall 5 Base Design vs. 1 Star Base Layouts. You can protect yourself with these layouts from Bombers, Boxer Giants, and Archers.

Hop inside to check out the Ring and Compartmentalized Layouts that were made just for you. So, let’s not waste any more time and get right into the best BH3 layouts.

Best Builder Hall 3 Base Layout Links


Builder Hall 3 Base





COC Builder Base Level 3 Link With Double 2 Canons


The first base in the bh3 series is a one-of-a-kind design. The push traps and spring traps in this design are well placed. So, let’s start with the spring traps.

As you already know, these tiny little springs are a lifesaver when it comes to getting rid of effective troops in the middle of an attack.

Even though push traps don’t help you directly defend against enemy troops, they do help you put enemy troops under crusher, which kills them.

Attacks This Base Can Withstand

  1. boxer giants.
  2. Archers and barbarians.


Top Builder Hall 3 Layouts Anti 1 Star


Second, on the list is one more tricky base with excellent placement of defensive structures along with the traps.

The best thing I love about this level 3 builder hall is the arrangement of walls and selectively placed traps.

Making the builder’s hall centered surrounded by the defensive structure with unique placement of walls is a great way to defend against opponents’ attacks. Overall this is a great base having all-round features.

Defends against:

Boxer giants, archers, and barbarians.

Clash of Clans Builder Hall 3 Defense Base Design


The above design has builder hall base centered and which is protected by all the defenses.

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Openings into the design makes it harder because of the placement of traps which easily takes out.

The best way to use is to keep all the stray buildings outside the walls and this village does that perfectly.

As you can see two cannons, one double cannon, archer tower and tesla are protecting the builder hall .

Clash of Clans Builder Town Hall 3 Trophy Base





BH3 Base Anti Everything

Here are some great ideas for the base of your Builder Hall 3. All of the bases are easy to set up and stay stable for a long time. The first best bh3 base is for people who have unlocked fewer buildings and towers.

The builder hall is in the middle of the clan, where there are no hard lines. There are three parts with amazing defense builders in each one.

There are small buildings and towers all around the builder hall that protect the whole troop. Outside of this best bh3 base link, there are the best buildings, like army camps, barracks, and labs, to keep air and ground attackers from getting in.





BH3 Base Dark Barbarian

This best bh3 base is also very impressive and eye-catching for players who like builder hall 3 bases that look good. There is a builder hall in the middle, which is surrounded by a hard wall.

A double cannon and a cannon are set up around the builder hall to protect it. There are army towers, storage towers, gold collectors, and defense buildings outside the clan.

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The clan is a separate troop because it has its own territory. This base is great for you if you want a war base layout.