Ring of Protection 5e D&D Guide

There are many dangers to be faced within the D&D universe. From goblins to monsters to evil dragons and cults there is a lot you must confront as a player.

Fortunately, for each beast, there is a way to increase your armor level so that you can fight them. 

With better armor, as well as spells and character capabilities, as well as many more, your team will be able to stand off against many of these beasts.

The most effective way to safeguard yourself from attack from enemies is to increase your AC by using more powerful equipment.

Improved armor and robes for wizards that have magic effects will protect your character and make him better equipped to kill anyone who would like to cause harm. 

However, AC bonuses aren’t always from obvious items, and even smaller items can have an impact on your class of armor, too.

Its Ring of Protection is one kind of item that may provide a minor but sometimes crucial boost to your AC and the ability to save throws. Here’s our guide to the Ring of Protection.

What is the Ring of Protection?

Ring of Protection 5e

The official description of the Ring of Protection says: “You gain a +1 bonus to your AC and saving throws while wearing this ring.”

On the surface, that may not seem like much, especially considering that a lot of other items provide enormous bonuses to AC.

However, when you look at the game of Faerun, or any TTRPG game, every bit of help is helpful.

The +1 bonus that comes with AC is a huge help in boosting a character from 17 AC to 18. This is a whole amount more than the D&D creatures will have to roll to determine how they will strike you.

Many people don’t realize that wearing this bandage is the secondary result it offers. That is, the benefit to your saving throws is additionally +2.

It can give you a little cushion when it comes to your weaknesses you’ll need to master as well as increase the chances of those saving throws you already are skilled in.

It’s also a D&D-themed ring, which means that should you discover it during the initial game, the bonus will remain valuable. 

It could save your life if you’re a low-leveled adventurer wearing broken armor but it’ll also continue to provide its benefit whenever you achieve an upgrade in protection and capabilities.

Where Can I Find a Ring of Protection?

It’s an item that is rare, and from the beginning, it will cost about 3,000 GP without any modifications. 

A majority of adventurers are likely to locate it in a jewelry or ring shop, or in any store that sells magic equipment or items. 

It’s unlikely to be found everywhere; however, when your players are committed or have a relationship with the most appropriate people, they could be able to find it in the city.

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They may also stumble upon the ring in battle when they take the bodies. 

The Ring of Protection might be placed on the body of a powerful wizard or perhaps an adventurer who believed the ring would shield him better than it actually did.

It’s very rare. However, it is a Ring of Protection that is pretty acceptable for most owners to choose to wear. It is unlikely to be found in vaults or chests.

Do I Need to Attune to a Ring of Protection?

In D&D, certain magical items require a connection with their owner before they can be utilized. 

This is known as attunement. certain items are marked with the note ‘attunement is required’ on their character sheets. 

If the character is unable to tune into the item, the magic effect cannot be unlockable.  Ring of Protection does require an attunement.

Without that, the ring will be in essence unusable.

To tune into an item, it is necessary to be able to spend a brief period of time in a state of concentration solely on the object. 

Also, you must be in direct physical contact with the object. It could be practice with weapons or shields, cleaning your ring armor and meditating on an amazing object, or some other appropriate task.

After the short rest period, the user will be aware of all ways to utilize and activate magic properties associated with the object. 

In the event that the rest is interrupted for reasons beyond the control of the character, the attunement will fail.

It is also necessary to be attuned to three magical objects at any given time. If you wish to tune for a fifth item, you have to stop your attunement with the first item. 

This brings up an additional question.

Can I be Attuned to Multiple Rings of Protection? What do I need to know about Multiple Rings?

Items that have similar names are not-stacked piles and can’t be attuned to more than just one Ring of Protection simultaneously at one time.

 If you do manage to locate three unique Rings of Protection, you will only be able to tune to only one.

If you own three rings that require attunement, you’ll be able to be attuned to each of these rings.

It is possible to wear the Ring of Protection, the Ring of Fireball, and the Ring of Evasion and be attuned to each of them, receiving the effects of each.

Naturally, you would not be tuning to just rings unless you were desperate for magic items, but if this situation arises, you are aware of how to handle it.

Are they the latest rings of protection?

In 5e, you can find a number of kinds of magical items that increase in rarity and impact. For instance, you may possess Hide Armor +2. 

It’s a popular item. In the king’s personal armory, there’s an armor that hides +2. There’s also a legend of the legendary master armor maker who created Hide Armor +3.

Hide Armor +3, but the armor and the man disappeared several years ago.

The more bonuses, the more valuable the item, but the rarer it will be. But, in the official canon, it is clear that the Ring of Protection is only a +1 and doesn’t have any other variants. 

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This is mostly due to the way the “Bounded Accuracy” rule operates, which requires an entire guide for the Ring of Protection on the rules on its own.

However, nothing can prevent certain GMs from making their own recipes and you could have the Ring of Protection +2 or +3 in your game.

However, these effects can be extremely powerful and alter your game if you are not prepared. 

It’s extremely difficult to conquer the high AC, however, and while the majority of creatures and effects are able to overcome it or harm the character in different ways, they can also affect how your play plays.

It also makes it more difficult for other members of the party who now face opponents based on the player with the best AC. They’ll get targeted more often which isn’t fun.

In the majority of cases, more powerful magical items must be distributed to a higher degree in the event that their effects are weakened slightly by the individual’s capabilities. 

In addition, they may necessitate the fulfillment of an extensive quest in order to be received that may span several sessions.

What Class Can Use a Ring of Protection?

There are no restrictions on the class for the Ring of Protection. There are no class restrictions for Ring of Protection, so anybody can utilize it. 

At the beginning of your phase of the game, it must be used by your combatants and tanks’ frontline because the +1 bonus in AC as well as saving throws can have an impact. 

When your front liners get an armored piece, it could be beneficial to move the ring onto your backline fighters, who could be a bit squishier.

However, it’s entirely dependent on you and the players in your group. 

The Ring of Protection is not the only item to give an AC boost as well as a boost to your saving throws, and there are other items that are as popular and provide similar effects as this one.

Ring of Protection vs. Cloak of Protection

Both of them carry the “Of Protect” label. It’s obvious that both perform the same function. It’s the same with the Cloak of Protection.

The Cloak of Protection provides similar effects to what it does with the Ring of Protection: You gain a +1 bonus to AC and saving throws while you wear this cloak.

It also requires attunement, but that’s where the similarities end. While the ring is an uncommon item, the cloak of protection is not so rare.

It’s true that it’s not in every single village store, or on every bad guy that you meet. However, it’s still a breeze to locate when you’re aware of where to search.

The Cloak Could Be Found In The Back Of The Clothing Store, Or It Could Be Front And Center If You Are Somewhere That Tailors Their Goods To Adventurers. 

The price is about 4,000 GBP before any modifications, which means it’s 11,000 GP cheaper than the Ring of Protection.

Furthermore, it’s described as a treasure. While it could be interesting, you should be cautious in that regard. 

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The word “wonderful” is a category that is used when an item is not classified as something else. They do not belong to the other categories.

While it is true that a Cloak of Protection is easier to locate and can be stacked with a Ring of Protection, you can also combine both bonuses by tuning on both of them. 

If you’re fortunate enough to possess both the Cloak of Protection and a Ring of Protection, you’ve boosted your chances of survival.

Ring of Protection FAQs

How does a Ring of Protection work RP-wise?

If you’re the kind of player MD who is interested in knowing the exact nature of your work items’ appearance and behavior when playing, the Ring Protection might be an interesting difficulty. 

This Player’s Handbook doesn’t give any explanation of the function that the ring performs and what it does. However, it’s not uncommon to make the effects yourself.

The ring may increase the protection abilities of the armor that the wearer is wearing or provide a slight boost to the magical warding of wizards.

For the more agile characters, they could benefit from an aura small enough to allow them to escape potentially dangerous hits. 

It’s just roleplaying and frills, but it could be fun to see magical items do things that aren’t just providing an amount on an individual sheet.

Can I Craft a Ring of Protection?

The crafting rules of 5e are some trouble, and this is likely going to require DM intervention as well as some cooking. 

Officially, the rules stipulate the ” caster must be of a level at least three times greater than the bonus of the ring” to be able to create the rings. 

Therefore, if you were to create the Ring of Protection +1, you’d need to be at or near the three levels higher.

Additionally, you would need the time to forge a ring, the blacksmithing materials, and perhaps even knowledge of the arcane to actually enchant the ring to have the spell. 

You’ll either have to purchase everything yourself or pay skilled artisans of the right level to make it for you.

It’s all dependent on you as the DM and the situation your group is placed in. If you’re able to spare the time or money to design a ring, and then enchant it the only limitations are the cost and level.

Can a Ring of Protection Ever be Destroyed?

The majority of magical objects can withstand all kinds of harm, but they are able to be destroyed with the right amount of effort. 

If your characters get seized and all your possessions are confiscated, destroyed, and destroyed, then the Ring of Protection is at risk.

However, it takes time to destroy an item that is magical, and items that cause damage to standard objects aren’t likely to cause as much damage to items that are magical.

If you find yourself in a situation where your objects can be destroyed, your treasures could be in danger too. 

It’s probably best to exit the situation, or at least be sure you rescue your magical objects!