Hobgoblin 5e D&D Guide

I am a huge fan of goblins, and I’m always pretty thrilled whenever I can write about them, or any of the associated races. That’s exactly what I plan to write about in this guide to DnD Hobgoblin.

Hobgoblins are among those classic monsters that every high fantasy novel requires. They have been a regular feature of the Dungeons and Dragons monster manual for more than 50 years and made their debut in 1974. 

They’re more than worthy of a guideline for how to combat them, and perhaps a hint or two about how to make them into a gameable race.

I like throwing these beasts at my athletes. In most cases, they are thrown together with some goblins to provide help. 

The players should be wary of the power of these creatures. If you’re not prepared to face these types of guys as a team and you are not prepared, you could end up in trouble.

In this guide, I’m going to discuss the specifics of what Hobgoblins are and how you can defeat them, and how to play Hobgoblins. 

The guides I create are from a DM view. I’ve worked as an experienced Dungeon Master for a long time which means I’ve seen many of my Hobgoblins killed, but they also took the lives of some reckless adventurers along the way. 

Let’s discover what we need to learn about Hobgoblins.

Hobgoblin stats as well as capabilities


We will begin by looking at the technical aspect of DnD and then move on to what these beasts are capable of throwing at us, both ability and stat-wise.

  • Armor Class: Hobgoblins have decent AC. Because they’re equipped with armored chain mail and shield to defend themselves from attack They can be hit once or twice. The Armor Class they have is 18 making them among the top enemies defensively you’ll encounter at the beginning of your game.
  • Hit Points: Hit Points are a weakness according to me. Because they have only 11 hit points, a team of three or four should not have any issues trying to eliminate one of these humans in the case of a single person.
  • Speed: Their speed is in the middle and is not something to be concerned about. With only thirty feet of speed could get away with ease If you are well-planned and don’t be slowed by traps or magic.
  • ST: A.K.A. The Hobgoblins have the best stats, which is their strength. It’s 13, (+1). Although it’s not all that powerful, they can still cause some damage with their actions even if you’ve got a low Armor Class. Also, they can get a +2 on their STR, which can help the player a bit.
  • DEX: The next most valuable statistic is the DEX. They are a 12 (+1). This allows them to avoid attacks, and makes them robust and dangerous, as they’re more resilient in the present. Together with their superior Armor Class, this is their strength according to me.
  • CON: The twelve CON (+1) equals their DEX. This provides them with a few hit points, but they do not make them a threat. If you’re able to take them on from a distance and you’re going to be able to inflict severe injury.
  • Intelligence: This is their intelligence. isn’t anything exceptional, and at 10 it’s not really an enjoyable experience and isn’t really an issue.
  • WIS: The same applies to WIS. Similar to their INT, it’s not something you need to be worried about.
  • CHA: This is Hobgoblin’s principal weakness. In addition to having their CHA just an 8, they also suffer an advantage of -1.
  • Senses: They possess some very cool senses that the DM employs. They have a dark vision of up to 60 feet, which is an excellent and active sense of sight. They have a perception that is 10. If you’re a Dungeon Master, I would advise that you use Hobgoblins in forests or tunnels at night. They are a great creature to be awed by non-experienced adventurers. Their DEX stat is also helpful if you’re required to be a bit clever to get an additional bonus effect. It also gives you the advantage of an initiative roll.
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Actions and Feats

Hobgoblin 5e
  • Martial Advantage: The most deadly weapon that the Hobgoblin is equipped with is Martial Advantage. If you’re in a small, or even on your own, this can be extremely dangerous. Each turn, the hobgoblin could take an additional 7 or 2 dices of 6 damage to creatures that have weapons, if it is located within five feet from allies of the hobgoblin and has not been disabled. Hobgoblins are extremely risky when they are part of a group. Each Hobgoblin is equipped with this capability. For instance, when you’re facing 3 hobgoblins they will attack six times instead of just 3 times.
  • Longsword: The first weapon that the Hobgoblin is equipped with includes the longsword. It is a +3 weapon to hit and has a range of five feet. If the hobgoblin uses only one hand, it hits either a 5 or 1d8+1. If it uses both hands, it’ll hit an 8 or a 1d10 plus 1.
  • Longbow: If you’re a grumpy DM who is a nuisance, he’ll give each Hobgoblin the opportunity to use a longbow. This will cover their flaw of being slow, and vulnerable to long-range injuries because of their speed. Because of their senses, they can be dangerous snipers. Longbows have an advantage of +3 for hitting and the range is 150-600 feet. The damage isn’t as bad. They hit 5 or a 1d8 +1.

Hobgoblin Appearance and Behavior

Hobgoblin 5e


The Hobgoblin is like its weaker cousin. There is skin color. They’re usually darker orange or red-orange. 

Their eyes are yellow or brown and their faces appear like they are rough and square. Male hobgoblins may have either a red or blue nose.

This is the most sought-after treat. It is a symbol of strength and virility. They live about the same as human beings if they can endure the harsh life of fighting for a minimum.

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The Hobgoblin lives for battle and conquer. They aren’t crafters or peaceful farmers who are warriors. To live and acquire the tools, they require for fighting, they conduct raids and capture prisoners.

They are cruel and jealous They always strive to get more powerful regardless of the price to other people. 

Only one possible exception to this. In combat, they transform into efficient machines. They let go of any disagreements they may have and transform into excellent soldiers.

Their society is one in which only the most powerful are considered to be serious. A leader must demonstrate that he can fight and be clever fighting. 

If you’re looking to ascend within Hobgoblin society it is done through force. If you wish to stay at the top, you must do it through force. 

While they may appear like monsters, they’re adept in a variety of weapons, and they are skilled in the art of making siege weapons and armor. The tribal tribes are in the middle of any hobgoblin community.

Using Hobgoblins as a Dungeon Master

I frequently see young Dungeon Masters using Hobgoblins completely incorrectly. They portray them to be chaotic chaos that fights head-on in the form of a group. 

This is far from reality. The strategies of an entire group of Hobgoblins will outdo your impromptu group of novice adventurers.

It’s not easy to come up with a plan to surprise Hobgoblins. They usually have scouts to ensure they won’t be surprised. 

They create traps for their adversaries and make sure that the terrain is suitable for their needs. They strike in the night and employ their expertise using the bow and sword.

The Hobgoblin is most effective in the dark and they can target a person with their longbow. 

This is the reason I recommend you target your players using Hobgoblins and also a few smaller goblins to provide help when it’s night or the lighting is dim. Be sure to place them set in a place that is similar to the forest.

Playing as a Hobgoblin in Dungeons and Dragons

I’m not sure I’ve seen many people playing as Hobgoblins. Although they’re not like an Elf or as strong as a lizardman can be a lot of fun. 

They’re quite strong and make fantastic warriors. I love them best when players choose to form a non-human-based party or if there’s an army background and plot for the story.

  • Age: How old is your Hobgoblin required to be estimated? The answer is that they age the same as humans, which means their age should fall between 16 to 50.
  • Scores for ability: A warrior’s ability score and extremely smart during battle, grants the players nice boosts in their scores for ability. They will score a plus in CON, STR, and INT.
  • Size, speed, and senses: The web has covered this before however if you’ve been unable to catch it: Hobgoblins have medium creatures. Their speed is an average of 30 feet. They possess excellent Darkvision. They are able to see dimly for approximately 60 feet as though it were bright lighting. In the darkness, they are able to see as if they were in dim light. That means that you only see gray tones and there is no shade of color.
  • Hobgoblin Martial Training: It gives you the chance to gain the ability to master light armor and 2 weapons that you selected. This is a very useful option if you choose an extended range weapon as well as a melee weapon. The DEX of Hobgoblin is quite good, but you won’t receive an ability bonus.
  • Martial skilled: It’s quite simple You reap the benefits of being a skilled martial artist and increase your skill with combat weapons and other weapons-related to martial arts.
  • The military genius: I love this song. Hobgoblins are extremely smart when they have to fight. When you make a miss on an attack roll using the weapon, you’ll get another chance because of the vast experience you have gained in conducting combat. You receive a bonus to your roll that is equal to the INT modifier, which is a minimum of 1 and thus an opportunity to hit. You are only able to use this only once, and you will need to take a short or long rest if you wish to repeat it.
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Are Hobgoblins honorable?

The typical Hobgoblin is a legal evil creature. The degree to which they are honorable is contingent on the circumstance in which you are associated with Hobgoblin. If you’re their adversaries, and you’re fighting their enemies, they’ll demolish them at any cost. If you’re one of their allies and are fighting side-by-side with them, they’ll be extremely punctual and honorable. Doing everything they can to ensure you’re safe and win is theirs and yours.

What languages do Hobgoblins speak? 

Hobgoblins are usually proficient in the common language. But, they’re also proficient in the goblin dialect. The language known as Ghukliak can be spoken by Bugbears Goblins, Bugbears, and Hobgoblins. They are also able to write, but their written language is highly complicated graphic.

What are Hobgoblins afraid of? 

To the question: Answer: Hobgoblin is the only one who has a fear. They are afraid of not being sufficiently strong, mentally and physically. Cowardice is the most harmful characteristic that a Hobgoblin has. In a world in which honor and fighting are the most important things, there is no room for cowards. Hobgoblins are afraid of being viewed as weak and cowardly. Whatever their role, whether they’re a commander or just normal soldiers, they long to be robust.

Final Words

If you’re a player who is planning planned a campaign in which you’ll be playing as non-humans.

You might be in a position to catch your boss on guard when you play Hobgoblin. Hobgoblin. 

They’re extremely powerful, have a great Armor Class, and are virtually impossible to catch by the surprise.

If you’re a Dungeon Master and you are a Dungeon Master, the Hobgoblin is a formidable weapon when you utilize them correctly. 

They are most effective with a handful of allies and can be used to take on their adversaries.