15 Best ACNH Lighthouse Design Ideas

You’ve seen all these beautiful places with lighthouses, and now you want to join in.

Well, you can get the tower by going to your Nook Stop Terminal. It will cost you about 5,000 miles.

But there are so many different colors of lighthouses that you can make any kind of style you want. Even though you will only be able to get the color you buy, this is only brief.

You can trade with other ACNH players to get the other colors.

But let’s say you have a lighthouse and aren’t sure what to do next. Well, don’t go away!

All Lighthouse Colors in Animal Crossing New Horizons

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, there are six different kinds of lighthouses, as shown below:

  • Red, striped
  • Black, striped
  • Blue, striped
  • White
  • Yellow
  • Brown, bricked

I’ve put together a list of really cool lighthouse designs that will make your island look great!

15. By The Ocean

If you try this beautiful lighthouse idea, you’ll spend all day by the sea.

Here’s everything you need to do this.

First, choose your favorite spot on the ocean side of your island. On the edge, you can then build a cliff.

If you want the same effect, you could also add a waterfall to your cliff edges. A small one.

Then just put your lighthouse on the edge of your cliff, and you’re done!

Add as many flowers and plants as you want to finish the look.

14. Mini Island

No island is complete without their own mini-island!

If you live in New England then this might be relatable.

Start by digging out a huge lake on your island, but be sure to leave an island in the middle of the lake with a path leading to it.

You can add a custom wooden plank design to the path, as this will create the illusion of a wooden bridge.

Be sure to add some rope fencing to your bridge too.

You can also build a cliff on your island and pop your lighthouse in the middle. The cliff will elevate it up and look much nicer.

13. Downtown Forest

Bring a more rural and natural look to your island with this fantastic lighthouse idea, tucked all the way in the back of some trees.

To bring this forest setting to life, start by adding a mix of cedar and hardwood trees to the shores of your island. Any small shore area will do.

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Make sure to add your lighthouse at the very end, super close to the ocean.

You can also add some custom flooring designs such as bricks. This gives it a dated look, much like you might find in older cities around the world.

Then finish the design by adding some brick walls and lampposts. Very 1700s!

12. Clifftop in Winter

This elegant clifftop design looks great in winter, but it can work any time of year!

If you want to give this a try on your island, just try this below:

Start by building a large cliff area that’s fairly wide. Then add a smaller cliff on top, and you can then place your lighthouse on either elevation. The idea above uses the lower elevation (you can use the higher space as a lookout!)

Then make sure to add some waterfalls running through your cliffs. Even in winter these will look great.

To add to the theme you can even set up a little diner at the bottom.

11. Town Vibes

Get some serious sea town vibes with this lighthouse idea. Super cute, right?

First lay down some stone flooring on your island, and be sure to add some stone fencing around the area too. We want this to look modern, but still themed more suburban/countryside.

You can add your lighthouse on the very edge of your island, and you can also add a wind turbine like you see above. Drop some custom patterns in that area too.

Then add in a driving road and you’ve got the look!

Head back to the hilltop and include a seating area with some binoculars, and maybe some vending machines too.

10. Natural Lighthouse

This look is great for those who like the look of nature.

To get this look on your own island, you’ll need to build a couple of small hills near the water. Place your lighthouse on the edge of one of your cliffs as close to the water as you can.

Then you can put flowers and trees on your hills to make them look nice. No matter what style you like (cottagecore could work well here!)

Then, add some custom stone shapes to the paths to match your theme.

Add a log seat and some shrubs close to finish the look.

9. On The Rocks

Not everyone knows you can place items straight onto the rocks around your island. And I’m here to tell you that you can!

This is such a simple design, but it looks amazing. Especially because this also feels very true-to-life and realistic.

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Super easy to make too: just pop your lighthouse right on the edge of your rocks around your beach for that ultimate seashore vibe.

You can also add any decoration you like to the area, or just keep it simple.

8. Train Tracks

Is your island even complete if you don’t have an old part of town?

Well maybe try adding this industrial area to your island.

To create this old-school abandoned train station design, you’ll first need a few custom designs.

You will need one for the metal flooring and another for your train tracks. Easy to find online in Google, but also try this (and browse that site for more!)

You can even make your own custom danger sign with your own design!

And don’t forget to add your lighthouse to finish the look. Make sure it’s styled to match this old-school aesthetic.

7. Pier Lighthouse

This pier is a must-have on your island. I mean, it’s a tropical paradise right? We need a pier!

To make this, simply out a huge lake on your island. But be sure to leave a path through the middle, that way you can lay down a custom wooden plank pattern. This creates your pier across the lake.

Be sure to add a rope fence along the edge of the pier, along with some logs too.

Add your lighthouse on land at the start of the pier to complete the look.

And to polish it up even more, you can move all of your villager houses into this area. Just to give it those small village vibes.

6. Tropical Lighthouse

With this tower design, you can turn your island into a tropical paradise.

At least you have a beach!

Start by putting down custom designs of wood flooring to look like a boardwalk. Here’s an interesting one to try!

Then you can add your tower and lots of matching wooden stakes.

Make sure to add a nice seating area, since it’s the best place to kick back and relax on a warm day.

Then add lots of coconut trees and flowers, keeping with the beach theme.

5. By The Beach

Now this lighthouse design will look amazing next to your beach as well. It even features the same lighthouse color scheme!

It’s super simple to create too.

First you’ll need to build a small cliff area, and don’t forget to add an incline so you can easily get up.

You can then add your lighthouse on top of the cliff, and decorate with some flowers too.

Then to make this space feel cozy you can drop in a picnic blanket. Just use a custom design to do this, and you can also add a pillow and whatever objects you’d like to fit the scene.

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4. On The Bridge

Take your island to the next level with this forest lighthouse design.

Just start by creating a series of cliffs in any space with running water. But be sure to leave a path of land leading across to act as a bridge.

You can then lay down your favorite wooden custom design and you’ll instantly get those classic bridge aesthetics.

Then be sure to add your lighthouse on your cliff edges. You can also add a bunch of waterfalls in there for some soothing background noise.

Finish by adding a mix of shrubs, cedar, and hardwood trees.

3. Rural Lighthouse

This is the perfect design for rural ACNH lovers.

To get this look, all you need to do is create two large cliffs on your island with room for running water. Ideally near the ocean is even better.

Make sure that your bottom cliff is slightly larger than the top cliff, since you can add a waterfall running through them.

You can also dig out a lake at the bottom of the cliffs for your waterfall to run into. Or just send it right into the ocean.

Add your lighthouse to the very top, then decorate the area with lots of flowers and trees. Nature at its finest!

2. Blue & White Beach

This design can easily fill up those empty spaces on your island by the sea.

If you’re not quite sure how to decorate those areas, well then this design is easy and perfect for every style.

Start by adding a blue and white striped lighthouse as close to the water as possible. You can also add a blue and white kid’s tent too, since it fits with the color scheme.

Also add some hedges and flowers, and don’t forget to add a picnic set so your villagers have a place to enjoy the summer sun.

1. Painter’s Place

Let’s say you love the beach and love art.

Why not create your very own painting station?

Seriously, what an incredible spot for budding artists in Animal Crossing. You could even swap in some musical instruments, or maybe a stage to put on some performances.

To create this super cute design, start by building a two-level cliff way further beyond your beach. Drop your lighthouse on top. Maybe add an incline around back so you can get up to it as well.

You can then run back along the back and find one of the rocky areas. Just turn that into your own outdoor art studio with a few easy items.

For bonus points, be sure to display some lighthouse art up on the easel.